"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jul 102018
Warner Archive New Releases: The Life and Times of Seaman Billy Budd .. and More

Herman Melville, Robert Ryan, Terrence Stamp, Paul Newman, Ava Gardner, Linda Lavin, Burt Reynolds, Yahoo Serious, Chris Farley and Jennifer Lawrence BILLY BUDD (1962) New 2018 1080p HD Master The remarkable Peter Ustinov co-wrote, produced and directed this adaptation of the Herman Melville classic, that co-stars an equally remarkable cast. As H.M.S. Avenger heads into … More

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Jun 192018
Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Perfectly Colossal

THE COLOSSUS OF RHODES (1961) NEW 2018 1080p HD MASTER  Sergio Leone, the Caesar of Spaghetti Westerns, came up through the ranks of Italian cinema as a unit director on international historical epics like Quo Vadis and Ben-Hur while simultaneously crafting screenplays and working as an Assistant Director for assorted peplum pics. He was the … More

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May 112018
Warner Archive Collection New Releases: Femme Fatale FTW

GUN CRAZY (1949) New to Blu-Ray with a 2018 1080p HD Master  This harrowing tale of dark desire and murderous obsession debuted as nothing more ambitious than a well-made B-program thriller, but it's qualities as a key film noir hit the bulls eye with the passage of time, and Gun Crazy emerged to take its … More

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Apr 292018
Warner Archive New Releases: Shocks and Shame

WITH EMMY ROSSUM, WILLIAM H. MACY, RONALD COLMAN, MYRNA LOY, LORETTA YOUNG, JOEL MCCREA, MIRIAM HOPKINS, JUDY GARLAND AND THE VOICE OF PHIL LAMARR SHAMELESS: THE COMPLETE EIGHTH SEASON (2017-18) New to Blu-ray Are the Gallaghers finally on an upswing? Join William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum and an incomparable cast for all 12 unabashed, unapologetic … More

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Apr 172018
Warner Archive New Releases: Les Girls and Other Perfect Strangers

WITH GENE KELLY, KAY KENDALL, BRONSON PINCHOT, MARK LINN-BAKER, KAY FRANCIS, BASIL RATHBONE AND WINNIE LIGHTNER LES GIRLS (1957) New to Blu-ray with a 2018 1080p HD Remaster George Cukor's romantic comedy with music arrives on Blu-ray with a show stopping transfer that underscores Cukor's lyrical direction and highlights George Hoyningen-Huene's lush color coordination. A … More

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Apr 142018
Warner Archive New Releases: The Ipkiss Files & More

WITH BARBARA STANWYCK, MR. GEORGE ARLISS, GERALDINE FITZGERALD, JOHN GIELGUD, ROB PAULSEN BETTE DAVIS, JOAN CRAWFORD, JAMES CAGNEY AND DROOPY THE MASK: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (1995) New to DVD When he dons an ancient Nordic mask, Stanley Ipkiss moves at warp speed, knows your every desire, satisfies your every whim and dances like a … More

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Apr 042018
Warner Archive New Releases: Laughing With Wolves

STARRING KEVIN BROPHY, JOE E. BROWN, CAROLE LOMBARD, TOM DUGAN, KAY FRANCIS AND AN MGM PARADE OF COMEDIANS AND COMEDIENNES LUCAN: THE COMPLETE SERIES (1977-78) New to DVD Lucan mixes the real life tales of feral children like Victor of Aveyron through the fugitive-on-a-quest filter to spin out forgotten TV gold. Airing only sporadically throughout … More

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Mar 132018
Warner Archive New Releases: Beyond All Doubts

WITH DANA ANDREWS, JOAN FONTAINE, IDA LUPINO, GEORGE SANDERS, RHONDA FLEMING, VINCENT PRICE, FAYE EMERSON, ZACHARY SCOTT & PETER LORRE WHILE THE CITY SLEEPS (1956) New to Blu-ray with a 2018 1080p HD Remaster The sudden death of a newspaper tycoon sets his successors at each other's throats while a city is stalked by a … More

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Feb 152018
Warner Archive New Releases: Leather and Lazarus

WITH VIGGO MORTENSEN, ELLEN BARKIN, ROBERT URICH, PAUL MUNI, LUCILLE BALL, JANIS PAIGE AND MARIO LANZA LEATHERFACE: THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE III (1989) New to Blu-ray with a 2018 1080p HD Remaster Director Jeff Burr redirected the seminal Texas Chainsaw series back to severe shock and slash with this new installment. Focusing squarely on the … More

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