"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jun 252018
Why the Movie Industry Needs to Embrace Online Streaming

Once upon a time, Hollywood’s movie industry ruled the world, with millions of film fans around the globe flocking to their local cinemas to watch the latest releases. Although that is still the case today, the traditional economics of the movie business has been turned on its head by the introduction of online streaming services. … More

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Jun 182018
A Selection of the Best Movie-Based Slot Games

It’s fair to say that the film industry and the video game industry have enjoyed a mixed relationship over the years. While there have been a number of successful and highly-thought-of video games that have been based on their movie counterparts, a fair few movie-based video games have had reviewers and gamers cringing in equal … More

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Jun 012018
Will 'Ocean's 8' Be As Good As the Original?

Summer is always a good time to visit the cinema. Summer 2018 is already boasting a strong slate of films being released, from the latest in the Avengers saga to the Han Solo Star Wars backstory and the Deadpool and eagerly anticipated Incredibles sequels. But one film which has critics and cinema-goers talking is the … More

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Apr 172018
Will Streaming Slowly Kill the Direct-to-Video Business?

Only a fraction of all the movies made each year make it to cinemas. The majority of films (not TV movies but standalone productions) are released either directly on physical media — DVD and Blu-ray — or through the ever-increasing variety of streaming services like Netflix. Today, watching a movie has become as easy as … More

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Apr 022018
Should We Prepare for a Streaming Future?

This February, Paramount surprised everybody by releasing the movie “The Cloverfield Paradox” directly through the global movie streaming service Netflix. The movie was initially set to be released in theaters but due to its overgrown budget — it soared to $40 million from the initial $5 million — seriously threatening its profitability, Paramount decided to … More

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Feb 042018
Award Season Trivia: Fun Facts and Funny Stories

The year has started on a high note for many filmmakers, handing them one of the highest accolades in Hollywood: a Golden Globe. The awards have reached a respectable age – this year’s ceremony was the 75th. But the best is yet to come: film festivals are being organized, and the biggest movie award of … More

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Jun 032017
Cloud Video Services: Create the Ultimate Movie Library

Technology and innovation have always been a driving force behind the film industry, from the introduction of sound to black and white pictures to the integration of 3D special effects in movies. The cloud is one of the newest innovations to revolutionize the modern film industry, with services such as Ultraviolet and Disney Movies Anywhere allowing … More

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Feb 092016
Scene-Stealing Casino Moments

Scene-Stealing Casino Moments Do you have a favorite casino movie? Well, we probably all have one. With a huge number of casino movies having been made and no doubt more in the future, it’s not hard to play a favorite. It’s not surprising why casinos are used as a backgrounds for many blockbuster movies. The … More

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Nov 262015
Sin City Cinema

  From “The Las Vegas Story” in 1952 through “Ocean’s Eleven” and “Viva Las Vegas” to “Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2,” Las Vegas has been home to a host of movies that exploit Sin City’s peculiar charms. Here’s a neat infographic (courtesy of Vegas.com) that looks at Vegas movies via the prism of the city’s … More

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May 292012
'The Hunger Games': It All Began With the Romans ...

The recent release of “The Hunger Games” movie has brought in $155 million during its box-office opening, making it the third highest opening-weekend earner ever (and grossing domestically $302 million to date). So what is it about this movie that has got people queuing up en masse to see it? Well, it’s got something that … More

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