"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Jun 222020
Top Gambling Scenes in Movies

The world of gambling is something that features frequently in the world of cinema. Casinos offer an exciting and luxurious backdrop for many scenes. Some gamblers love to see their games being played on the big screen, while some gripe about the mistakes made in how the game works. Michelle H. Thomas, an expert, takes … More

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May 262020

While in the past, video games were considered to be for kids only, nowadays many adults love them. Indeed, the majority of customers in gamer shops are adults who buy things for themselves, albeit many people still look askance at video games, saying that they are a complete waste of time and money. Many of … More

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Apr 012020
Five Quintessential Movie Slots You Can Play Online

Are you looking for a better way to have fun while unwinding at home? Well, online slots have quality graphics that make you feel like you’re in a land-based casino. The growth in technology has made it possible to put all the special effects and top action scenes into the slot machines.  This means that … More

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Feb 042020
The Art of Gambling in Five Less-known Movies

In 2006, Henry Cavill missed his chance to star as James Bond in Casino Royale because he was “a little chubby there,” according to director Martin Campbell. Perhaps this was his good fortune, since he made a better career instead as Clark Kent in Metropolis. Superman’s fictional city, according to vintage cartoons’ experts, is located … More

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Jan 252020
Is Bollywood losing its grip to Hollywood as the backbone of the Indian movie industry?

Bollywood, the Indian giant film industry based in Mumbai (formerly Bombay) has been the backbone of the cinematic industry for more than 10 decades. Featuring films with colorful, dynamic and theatrical dance styles and moves, the industry is not only revered for award-winning stars but also the largest number of feature films per year.  However, … More

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