"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Aug 192015
Criterion November Releases

  Internationally beloved masterpieces, an American documentary landmark, a chilling Hollywood crime classic — Criterion's November release slate is a reminder of the breadth of the Criterion Collection. Fans of golden-age cinema won't want to be without "The Apu Trilogy," the staggering career-defining works by the great Indian director Satyajit Ray, now miraculously restored after … More

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Jul 152015
Criterion October Releases

Frights and thrills abound in Criterion’s October Halloween-ready lineup, starting with two of the most requested titles: David Lynch’s brilliant Hollywood-set nightmare "Mulholland Dr.," which veers from romantic mystery to nocturnal horror, and David Cronenberg’s gory classic "The Brood," about a family terrorized by a mad doctor’s shocking form of psychotherapy — both for the … More

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Jun 172015
Criterion September Titles

This September, Criterion invites you to delight in a gorgeous new, edition of Merchant Ivory's greatest hit, "A Room With a View," the swoony, Oscar-winning romance with a stellar cast including Helena Bonham Carter, Daniel Day-Lewis, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith. But there's so much more: "Blind Chance," a provocative early drama about fate and … More

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May 172015
Criterion August Titles

  It's all about the auteurs this August. The Criterion Collection is releasing stellar titles from some of the greatest directors, past and present. First, two movies about moviemaking: the legendary Francois Truffaut's Oscar-winning "Day for Night," and the British New Wave trailblazer Karel Reisz's "The French Lieutenant's Woman," starring Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons … More

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Apr 292015
Criterion July Titles

Coming-of-age stories dominate July’s titles from The Criterion Collection, from "The Black Stallion," the visually dazzling classic about a boy and the horse that saves his life directed by Carroll Ballard, to "Here Is Your Life," the spellbinding debut from Jan Troell, director of "The Emigrants."  Experience two more unorthodox love stories: Stephen Frears’s "My … More

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Mar 212015
Criterion June Titles

  Fantasies and dreams intersect with reality in Criterion’s slate of titles for June. Terry Gilliam’s beloved, Oscar-winning The Fisher King, a modern-day fairy tale set in New York and starring Jeff Bridges and, in one of his most poignant and hilarious roles, Robin Williams comes to Criterion in an extras-laden special edition. Criterion also … More

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Feb 212015
Criterion May Titles

  In May, Criterion will offer a dazzling lineup of dramas, important touchstones from some of our greatest cinematic icons. First, three intensely emotional films that deal in some way with the power and consequences of addiction: Charlie Chaplin’s tender classic Limelight, about a washed-up vaudeville star who tries to reboot his career; Mark Rydell’s … More

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Feb 022015
Criterion April Releases

  In April, Criterion will present a selection of golden-age classics by some of the greatest directors who ever lived. First are two stunningly shot black-and-white dramas from the late 1940s: Carol Reed’s noir "Odd Man Out," starring James Mason, and Jean-Pierre Melville’s incredible debut, "Le silence de la mer," an unusual and unforgettable tale … More

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Jan 122015
Criterion March Releases

  In March, Criterion will highlight some of the most important nonfiction films ever made, starting with a trio of documentaries by Oscar winner Errol Morris. His first two films, "Gates of Heaven" (which Roger Ebert called "one of the 10 greatest films ever made") and "Vernon, Florida," together in one set, are vivid peeks … More

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Nov 192014
Criterion February Releases

  Prepare to be shocked, challenged, and delighted by the Criterion Collection’s February releases. First, take two wonderfully bizarre trips to Italy: a vacation in crumbling Venice with one of the company's most requested titles, Nicolas Roeg's occult masterpiece "Don't Look Now," starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie and named the greatest British film ever … More

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