"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Apr 182016
Criterion Announces July Releases

Things will be heating up this summer for Criterion, which will bring into the collection films from three of the greatest directors of all time: "The new World," the exquisite reimagining of the Pocahontas–John Smith tale by American treasure Terrence Malick, in a deluxe special edition featuring three different cuts of the film; "A Touch … More

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Mar 172016
Criterion June Releases

This June, The Criterion Collection welcomes one of Stanley Kubrick’s greatest films: the still shocking and hilarious "Dr. Strangelove," starring Peter Sellers in a triple-role tour de force. But that’s just scratching the surface of a month jam-packed with remarkable titles, including two early, influential dramas by titans of cinema: Jean Renoir’s violent love triangle … More

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Feb 202016
Criterion May Releases

This May, the Criterion Collection casts a big spotlight on one of their favorite filmmakers: Wim Wenders. In a new collector’s set, they gather three of his greatest films from the 1970s — "Alice in the Cities," "Wrong Move" and "Kings of the Road" — all of them concerning people setting out on road trips … More

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Jan 202016
Criterion April Releases

  This April, Criterion is offering a thrillingly diverse slate of titles, encompassing nonfiction groundbreakers, contemporary art-house hits, and romantic dramas from the golden age. The revelatory sixties documentaries by verite trailblazer Robert Drew and his collaborators feature up-close-and-personal footage of President Kennedy, both on the campaign trail and in the Oval Office. German director … More

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Jan 042016
Criterion March Releases

This March, Criterion is presenting an arresting variety of essential cinema. First, prepare to be shocked all over again by John Frankenheimer's iconic Cold War paranoia thriller "The Manchurian Candidate," starring Frank Sinatra and Angela Lansbury. Then, get to know a trio of important classics finally being brought out of the shadows after years of … More

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Dec 102015
Criterion February Releases

This February, Criterion is thrilled to welcome their first Mike Nichols film into the collection, and it’s a doozy — the Oscar-winning, generation-defining comedy "The Graduate," which introduced the world to Dustin Hoffman. February also brings director Jan Troell's monumental, two-part masterpiece about Swedish immigrants coming to America in the 19th century, "The Emigrants" and … More

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Oct 192015
Criterion January Releases

  From 1940s Hollywood noir to 70s cult classics to films by contemporary masters, The Criterion Collection is kicking off the New Year with an exhilarating variety of titles. Joel and Ethan Coen finally enter the collection with "Inside Llewyn Davis," their critically acclaimed drama set in the Greenwich Village folk scene of the sixties. … More

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Sep 162015
Criterion December Releases

  This holiday season, The Criterion Collection will have a treat for lovers of classic Hollywood comedy. One of the collection's most popular funnymen, the slapstick genius Harold Lloyd, returns to Criterion with "Speedy," his legendary final silent movie, featuring sight gags galore, images of New York in the 1920s, and a cameo by Babe … More

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Aug 192015
Criterion November Releases

  Internationally beloved masterpieces, an American documentary landmark, a chilling Hollywood crime classic — Criterion's November release slate is a reminder of the breadth of the Criterion Collection. Fans of golden-age cinema won't want to be without "The Apu Trilogy," the staggering career-defining works by the great Indian director Satyajit Ray, now miraculously restored after … More

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Jul 152015
Criterion October Releases

Frights and thrills abound in Criterion’s October Halloween-ready lineup, starting with two of the most requested titles: David Lynch’s brilliant Hollywood-set nightmare "Mulholland Dr.," which veers from romantic mystery to nocturnal horror, and David Cronenberg’s gory classic "The Brood," about a family terrorized by a mad doctor’s shocking form of psychotherapy — both for the … More

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