"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini
Mar 052018
March Programming on the Criterion Channel

    MARCH PROGRAMMING ON THE CRITERION CHANNEL ON FILMSTRUCK! Includes five films by John Cassavetes,  Adventures in Moviegoing with Rebecca Miller, and the work of Apichatpong Weerasethakul! Friday, March 2 Friday Night Double Feature: The Ladykillers and La poison Criminal schemes take unlikely targets in these two pitch-dark comedies from the 1950s. In Alexander Mackendrick’s … More

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Feb 242018
Criterion Collection May 2018 Releases

This May, John Schlesinger’s Midnight Cowboy — the era-defining classic of New American Cinema whose sexual frankness helped earn it both an X rating and an Oscar for best picture — will join the Criterion Collection in a new 4K digital restoration. But first, a major rediscovery: Moonrise, the long-unavailable final triumph by neglected Hollywood master Frank Borzage, will … More

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Jan 312018
February Programming on the Criterion Channel

FEBRUARY PROGRAMMING ON THE CRITERION CHANNEL ON FILMSTRUCK! Includes 100 years of Olympic Glory, Night of the Living Dead, Wong Kar-wai’s In the Mood for Love, and Howard Hawks’ His Girl Friday! Thursday, February 1st The Great Escape* Based on the true story of an elaborately coordinated attempt to break out of a Nazi POW camp, John Sturges’s The … More

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Jan 182018
Criterion Collection April 2018 Releases

This April, Sergei Parajanov’s masterpiece The Color of Pomegranates, a revelatory film-poem overflowing with sensuous imagery, will join the Criterion Collection, on Blu-ray for the first time and in a stunning new 4K restoration. Also making its Blu-ray debut, Leo McCarey’s genre-defining comedy The Awful Truth stars the irresistible Irene Dunne and Cary Grant as would-be ex-spouses who can’t … More

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Jan 072018
Criterion Channel January Programming

      JANUARY PROGRAMMING ON THE CRITERION CHANNEL ON FILMSTRUCK! Includes Adventures in Moviegoing with Mary Karr: No Country for Old Men, a double bill of Cat People and Curse of the Cat People, and Orson Welles’s Mr. Arkadin! Monday, January 1 Anatomy of a Murder*: Edition #600 A virtuoso James Stewart plays a small-town Michigan … More

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Dec 162017
Criterion Collection March 2018 Releases

In March, Martin Scorsese’s The Age of Innocence – the great New York filmmaker’s lavish Edith Wharton adaptation, starring Daniel Day-Lewis, Winona Ryder, and Michelle Pfeiffer – will join the Criterion Collection in an edition featuring a new, restored 4K digital transfer, approved by the director and now available on Blu-ray. No less impressive a match … More

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Nov 292017
Criterion Channel December Programming

       DECEMBER PROGRAMMING ON THE CRITERION CHANNEL ON FILMSTRUCK! Includes Godzilla and fourteen other kaiju classics, Aki Kaurismäki’s Le Havre, and Nagisa Oshima’s Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence! Friday, December 1 It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World*: Criterion Collection Edition #692 Stanley Kramer followed his harrowing Oscar winner Judgment at Nuremberg with the … More

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Nov 192017
Criterion Collection February 2018 Releases

This February, George Romero’s revolutionary horror classic “Night of the Living Dead” comes lurching from the grave, in a major new edition featuring an astonishing new 4K restoration of the film, never-before-seen footage from the production, and hordes of interviews and programs exploring the incredible story of the making of this trailblazing independent film. No … More

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Oct 262017
Criterion Channel Announces Nov. Programming

NOVEMBER PROGRAMMING ON THE CRITERION CHANNEL ON FILMSTRUCK! Includes Adventures in Moviegoing with Barry Jenkins, four films by Shohei Imamura, and Luis Buñuel’s Belle de jour! Wednesday, November 1 The Spy Who Came in from the Cold*: Criterion Collection Edition #452 The best-selling novel by John le Carré, about a Cold War spy on one … More

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Oct 152017
Criterion Collection January 2018 Releases

In January, the Criterion Collection will ring in the New Year with John Hughes’s generation-defining high school movie The Breakfast Club, in an edition packed with special features, including extensive new and archival interviews with the film’s iconic cast and fifty minutes of never-before-seen deleted scenes. That’s just the beginning of a month that will also see … More

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