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Warner Archive Collection New Releases August 13: Don't Be Afraid of the Bradfords

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)

photo for Warner Archives Don't Be Afraid of the Bradfords


EIGHT IS ENOUGH: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON (1979-1980) The Bradfords bid adieu to the Seventies by ushering in even more changes to the clan dynamic in season four. First up, minor league ball player Merle 'the Pearl' Stockwell (Brian Patrick Clarke) sweeps Susan (Susan Richardson) off her feet. An engagement soon follows, but there's one problem - David (Grant Goodeve) has already set THEIR date for HIS wedding. And Nancy (Dianne Kay) has a singing telegram gig the same day! First comes marriage, then comes Mary (Lani O'Grady) finding a home pregnancy test, but whose is it? Meanwhile Joanie (Laurie Walters) and Tom (Dick Van

Patten) become competing journalists, Nicholas (Adam Rich) curses the family by breaking a chain letter, and Tommy (Willie Aames) runs for Prom Queen! On the more tender side, Abby (Betty Buckley) comes to grips with the memories of her deceased husband while Tom is forced into a reunion with the father he has not seen in forty years, and he's about to turn fifty! And join the Bradford's on a Honeymoon trip to Hawaii... with ALL the Bradfords!



THE FROZEN DEAD (1966) What has Dana Andrews, Nazis on ice, murder, mad science and heads that wouldn't die? The answer is found in this sci-fi horror entree in all its cyanotic glory. Fugitive Nazi Doc Norburg has been living the high life incognito in an English castle on the ODESSA dime all while trying to defrost the Third Reich's finest warriors that were put on ice during the closing days of WWII. Unfortunately his to-the-manor-born innocent ingénue of a daughter comes calling earlier than expected with a buxom schoolchum in tow just as Norburg's Nazi bosses pay a surprise call. Horror, not hi-jinks ensue. From writer/director/producer Herbert J. Lederer. Unlike it's theatrical release, this newly remastered 16x9 Widescreen presentation is now in its original aspect ration and original color palate (Although released in black and white, the film was shot in eye-popping color!)


TORMENTED (1960) Legendary B-movie titan Bert I. Gordon helms this New England ghost story with a difference starring Richard Carlson (It Came From Outer Space). Borrowing a page from noir, Tormented plays true to its title by elevating its spooks to the psychological while delivering a very modern haunting. When a basically good man, Jazz pianist Tom Stewart, makes a disastrous choice in a moment of moral weakness, he becomes the target of a very possessive spirit - or does he? Anyone who tittered at this shoe-string wonder in the past may rethink their position after viewing this newly remastered 16x9 widescreen edition.


THE ACCURSED (1957) This "Spy Shocker"/drawing room murder mystery delivers the goods by mixing great character actors, great characters, a compelling story and a solitary location (for the most part) that plays out like Grahame Greene having a go at Agatha Christie. A group of former WWII underground operatives reunite each year to commemorate the murder of their beloved leader by the Nazis - but this year's reunion is marred by murder when one of their number tries to cover his treacherous tracks.

Written and directed by Michael McCarthy with Christopher Lee, Donald Wolfit, Robert Bray and Jane Griffiths. Newly Remastered 16x9 Widescreen presentation


HANDS OF A STRANGER (1962) Maurice Renard's horror archetype, Les Mains d'Orlac, proves its immortal versatility yet again in this suspenser that flips the original's onus for murder from the metaphysical to the mind.

Young concert pianist Vernon Paris (James Noah as "James Stapleton") is on the brink of stardom when his hands are destroyed in a car accident.

Thanks to Dr. Gil Harding (Paul Lukather), Vernon's hands are replaced with those of a recent murder victim's. Revolted by his transplanted limbs, the musician embarks on a murderous spree of vengeance. Written and directed by Newt Arnold. And keep an eye out for a very young Sally Kellerman. Newly Remastered 16x9 Widescreen presentation

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