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Warner Archive Collection New Releases July 9: It's Andy Hardy Time!

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)

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THE ANDY HARDY FILM COLLECTION VOLUME 2 (1937-58) Welcome back to Carvel!

In this concluding volume of the complete series collection you'll get a chance to experience Andy's journey from start to finish. First witness Andy's rise from relatively humble beginnings in A Family Affair to become's America's original favorite teenager. Then watch his madcap college coming-of-age in Andy Hardy's Double Life, his return from service in Love Laughs at Andy Hardy and finally his rarely-seen return to Carvel as a grown man in Andy Hardy Comes Home. It's Hardy time - whoo-hoo! Newly Remastered


Collection contains:

  • A FAMILY AFFAIR (1937) This stand-alone film reunited much of the cast of 1935's Ah! Wilderness under the deft direction of George B. Seitz and proved such a smash MGM quickly commissioned a series. Judge James K.

        Hardy (Lionel Barrymore) faces town backlash and scandal when he blocks a large public works project. With Cecilia Parker, Mickey Rooney, Spring Byington, and Sara Haden.


  • JUDGE HARDY'S CHILDREN (1938) With You're Only Young Once (available in Volume One) having established the main cast of Lewis Stone, Fay Holden, Cecilia Parker, Ann Rutherford and Sara Haden (with Betty Ross Clarke filling in as Aunt Milly on occasion) and W.S. Van Dyke directing, the series was off and running. This installment sees the Hardys off to Washington as Judge Hardy chairs an important committee and Andy seeks out a tuxedo. Special guest gals: Ruth Hussey and Jacqueline Laurent!


  • LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY (1938) Andy's new tux gets a workout as he gets stuck with multiple dates to the Christmas formal. Good thing a new gal next door is there to help him out. The quintessential Andy Hardy film.

        Special Guest Gals: Judy Garland and Lana Turner!


  • THE HARDYS RIDE HIGH (1939) Andy Hardy, Millionaire Playboy? That appears to be the case when the Judge is informed of a sizeable inheritance and the clan leaves Carvel for the high life in Detroit. Special Guest Gal:

        Virginia Grey!


  • ANDY HARDY GETS SPRING FEVER (1939) When Polly stars making moon eyes at a new fella, Andy gets hot and bothered for the new drama teacher. Special Guest Gal: Helen Gilbert!


  • THE COURTSHIP OF ANDY HARDY (1942) Concerned over how a bitter custody battle is affecting a young girl, Judge Hardy prescribes her a little medicine: Andy himself. Special Guest Gal: Donna Reed!


  • ANDY HARDY'S DOUBLE LIFE (1942) Andy's finally got his life together, so what better time than to get engaged to two different dames? Special Guest Gals: Esther Williams and Susan Peters!


  • ANDY HARDY'S BLONDE TROUBLE (1944) Andy gets stuck between two twins while learning the benefits of a co-educational institution. Special Guest Gals: Bonita Granville and Lee and Lyn Wilde!


  • LOVE LAUGHS AT ANDY HARDY (1946) Willis Goldbeck picks up the reins as the series rounds out with Andy's return from the service. Special Guest Gals: Bonita Granville, Lina Romay and Dorothy Ford!


  • ANDY HARDY COMES HOME (1958) Twelve years later, Mickey reunites with Fay Holden, Cecilia Parker and Sara Haden for a capper to the series that comes full circle - all the way back to A Family Affair.



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