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Warner Archive Collection New Releases July 23: Spinsters, Spies & Cavemen

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


Sweet Mysteries of Life

THREE FACES EAST (1930) Unseen for decades, this World War I era espionage thriller is a cracker-jack classic of the genre that's as spry a spy flick today as it was during the Depression. Roy Del Ruth directs the adaptation of the 1918 Broadway play starring Constance Bennett and Erich Von Stroheim. Bennett stars as "Agent Z-1", a Mata Hari of shifting loyalties sent by German intelligence to infiltrate the household of the Sir Winston, First Lord of the Admiralty. Z-1 tries to pass herself off as the grieving lover of Sir Winston's slain soldier son and aiding her in the duplicity is Valdar (Von Stroheim), Sir Winston's major no-no of a majordomo. Stroheim nearly makes off with the show, playing a steel-exterior servant who masks a vulnerable interior.


HILDEGARDE WITHERS MYSTERY COLLECTION (1932-37) One of the first break-out film series, Stuart Palmer's spinster sleuth cracked cinema crime courtesy of RKO Pictures. Character great Edna May Oliver played the part for the first three features and was ably paired with another character great, James Gleason, as Hildegarde's flirty foil, Inspector Piper. Gleason would ably anchor the rest of the series alongside replacement school marms Helen Broderick and Zasu Pitts.

Collection includes:

  • Penguin Pool Murder (1932) Hildegarde takes her class on an aquarium field trip - to murder! With Edna May Oliver, James Gleason, and Robert Armstrong.
  • Murder on the Blackboard (1934) This time, murder comes calling inside the doors of Hildegarde's own school - and the corpse takes a powder! With Edna May Oliver, James Gleason, and Bruce Cabot.
  • Murder On a Honeymoon (1935) Hildegarde takes a trip to Catalina Island, and doubles down on the murders to solve. With Edna May Oliver, James Gleason, and Lola Lane.
  • Murder on a Bridle Path (1935) Central Park goes sinister when a society equestrian is struck down while on an early morning ride. With James Gleason, Helen Broderick, and Louise Latimer.
  • The Plot Thickens (1936) A corpse turns up twice, and so Inspector Piper calls in Withers. With James Gleason, Zasu Pitts and Owen Davis, Jr.
  • Forty Naughty Girls (1937) Inspector Piper and Hildegarde go on a date to see a Broadway musical, but murder occurs. Naturally. With James Gleason, Zasu Pitts, Owen Davis, Jr and Louise Latimer.


A Saturday Savior

CAPTAIN CAVEMAN AND THE TEEN ANGELS: THE COMPLETE SERIES (1977-80) The Worldıs First Super-Hero! As announced by Gary Owensı stentorian tones: Set free by the Teen Angels from his prehistoric block of glacier ice, comes the world's first superhero, Captain Caveman! Now the constant companion to the Teen Angels, Brenda, Dee Dee, and Taffy, in their hilarious and sometimes scary mystery missions. Get ready for Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels! Originally a segment on Scoobyıs All-Star Laff-a-Lympics (and utility player for The Scooby-Doobies), the Mel Blanc-voiced Neolithic Wonder became a Saturday super-star in his own right, graduating to headline his own show. This 2-Disc, 40-Episode collection contains every mystery solved by the Teen Angels and the Captain. So, beware villains and miscreants, the battle-cry of ³Caaaptain Caaaavemaaaan!!!!² will heard once again across the land! Remastered


Swinging 70s (and a 90s)

MITCHELL (1975) In the 70s, "MITCHELL!!!!" is the cry heard across the southland as Joe Don Baker plays the roguest cop of them all. This stalwart slob cop tackles double diabolicals as he takes on a rich racist killer (John Saxon) who likes to hunt undocumented workers, and a drug smuggler under fire from his own syndicate (Martin Balsam). Never available in an unexpurgated cut in the correct aspect ratio, Mitchell demands your re-discover him. NOW! Also stars Linda Evans as the Christmas gift that keeps on giving. Remastered in 16x9 Widescreen


SWEET REVENGE (1976) Stockard Channing and Sam Waterston star in this seldom seen Sea-tac set gem, AKA Dandy, the All-American Girl. Channing plays a serial car thief hell bent on getting the auto of her dreams; Waterston plays the public defender aiming to save her from herself. But don't let the seeming meet-cute set-up steer you wrong - this is a black comedy character study satire on the corruptions of a consumerist society.

With car chases. Directed by Jerry Schatzberg (Scarecrow). 16x9 Widescreen


THE BEASTS ARE ON THE STREETS (1978) Hanna-Barbera makes another all-too-rare foray into primetime live-action for this fur and feather-flying disaster flick. After a calamitous series of events fueled by the inexhaustible fire of human venality, a live safari tourist park's gates come down and the beasts come out - and they attack! As the park rangers try to re-corral their wayward charges, their efforts are hindered by public and police. This TV action romp rises above the norm thanks to its unwavering sympathy for the animal antagonists. With Carol Lynley and Philip Michael Thomas.


HURRICANE SMITH (1992) Carl Weathers moves on from Jackson to Smith, as the titular Hurricane bringing a storm of trouble to Australia's Gold Coast. On the hunt for his missing sister, Smith finds her dead and his path of vengeance is assured. Jurgen Prochnow is the man at the end of the path. Remastered in 16x9 Widescreen

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