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Warner Archive Collection New Releases July 16: Jungle Lords & Boys of Steel

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN (1984) Blu-Ray(tm) Disc - Hugh Hudson's refreshingly adult revisionist take on Edgar Rice Burroughs' immortal apeman arrives on Blu-ray like a blast of warm rain forest air. Robert Towne's script (writing as P.H. Vazak) hews close to Burroughs' origin as found in Tarzan of the Apes by way of modern anthropology. The second half may thread in some movie mythos (like Jane as English gentry) but plays out its savage vs. civilization theme. Gorgeously shot by John Alcott (The Shining, Who Is Killing the Great Chefs of Europe?), Greystoke also boasts an acting pedigree worthy of Burke's peerage, including Ralph Richardson, Ian Holm , David Suchet, James Fox, and Nigel Davenport with Andie MacDowell and Glenn Close handling Jane physicality and vocality respectively. But the film belongs to Lambert's heart-wide open performance as Tarzan and Rick Baker's amazing simian simulations. Special Features: Commentary with Hugh Hudson and producer Garth Thomas, Theatrical Trailer. 16x9 Widescreen


TV Hues

THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERBOY: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON (1990-91) Celebrate the Summer of Steel by diving into Kal-El's adventures... when he was just a "boy" - and by boy we mean a fully-employed young adult! The show's third season ushered in more changes as the hit syndicated show redefined itself for a new decade. Now named The Adventures of Superboy, the show leaves Shuster University behind, as Clark (Gerard Christopher) and Lana (Stacy Haiduk) take on internships in Capitol City at The Bureau of Extra-Normal Matters, a government agency dedicated to investigating aliens and the paranormal - years before anyone put an ³X² on a file.

Working alongside fellow bureau member Matt Ritter (Peter Jay Fernandez) and under bureau chief C. Dennis Jackson (Robert Levine), Clark and Lana delve deep into the unknown as the show cooks up a comic-flavored confection of SciFi Noir. Fans will want to keep their eyes peeled for a pair of special guest stars in this 26-Episode, 3-Disc Collection - Stuart Whitman as Jonathan Kent and Ron Ely as ...Superman!


SUGARFOOT: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Based on The Boy from Oklahoma (1954), an easygoing Western starring Will Rogers Jr., Sugarfoot debuted on ABC-TV on September 17, 1957, where it alternated every other week with Cheyenne. Will Hutchins ably ambled into the boots of Tom Brewster, a peaceable lad aiming to get a law degree via a correspondence course, with a nose for danger and a heart of steel. Sarsaparilla sipping "sugarfoot"

Tom has one major difference from the likes of Layne and Bodie, however, he would rather reach for his thinking cap than for his pistols (Not that he can't ping a peso from twenty yards, mind you!) Beginning with a pilot costarring Slim Pickens, Sheb Wooley and Dennis Hopper as Billy the Kid,

Sugarfoot: The Complete First Season features 20 episodes plus a passel of guest stars who came to fame in the Western genre. Bob Steele, Guinn ³Big Boy² Williams, Don ³Red² Barry, Paul Fix, Dan Blocker, Pernell Roberts, James Garner, Charles Bronson and more can be found waiting to bushwhack you on this 5-Disc, 20-Episode Collection.



THE GREAT SANTINI (1979) One of greatest performances from one of the greatest performers to ever tread board, Robert Duvall, The Great Santini is as challenging and as rewarding now as it was more than three decades ago. Based on the acclaimed novel by Pat Conroy (Prince of Tides), The Great Santini paints the portrait of ace marine fighter pilot Bill Meechum (Duvall), a warrior without a war, who directs his misplaced aggressions to try force his oldest son (Michael O'Keefe) into a mold that neither the boy wants nor the times demand. Fused with a bittersweet truth the material's autobiographical nature demands, The Great Santini's journey is as harrowing and as uplifting as adolescence itself. Also stars David Keith and Blythe Danner, and is directed by Lewis John Carlino. Updated and presented in 16x9 Widescreen


KANSAS CITY BOMBER (1972) A true rarity in the already rarified working-class sports drama genre, Kansas City Bomber throws a feminist curve into the film's hardscrabble underdog fighting-to-get-by proceedings. Co-producer/star Raquel Welch shows her dramatic lights, normally dimmed by the type of roles normally offered to world's dominant sex symbol, shone brightly as single mom roller derby star K.C. Carr.

Trying to balance the demands of her profession with time for her family, she careens towards a showdown with a rival. Kevin McCarthy co-stars as the minor magnate orchestrating the proceedings. Jerrold Freeman directs.

16x9 Widescreen


WISE GUYS (1986) Brian De Palma directs this gangland comedy about a pair of bumbling New Jersey mobster pals (Danny DeVito and Joe Piscopo) who get tasked with bumping each other off after running afoul of their capo.

Also stars Harvey Keitel, Captain Lou Albano, Tony Munafo, Frank Vincent, Dan Hedaya, Antonia Rey, Julie Bovasso, Patti Lu Pone and Ray Sharkey.

16x9 Widescreen


OTHER PEOPLES MONEY (1991) Producer and director Norman Jewison draws together an all-star cast for this film adaptation of the hit dramatic comedy that confronts unbridled greed and the ruling class' ruthless addiction to computerized information. Sound familiar? Danny DeVito plays the ruthless financier genius, while Penelope Ann Miller, Gregory Peck, Piper Laurie, and Dean Jones get caught up in his schemes. 16x9 Widescreen


THE SPITFIRE GRILL (1996) This break out indie film fest hit unfolds a modern parable of judgment and redemption. A young woman, recently released from prison, travels to a sleepy small town in Vermont in search of a second chance. But small towns can harbor secrets as well as heart.

In the end, in the course of a raging river, salvation may be found, but whose? With Ellen Burstyn, Marcia Gay Harden, Alison Elliott, Will Patton and Kieran Mulroney. Written and directed by Lee David Zlotoff (MacGyver).

16x9 Widescreen


CARPOOL (1996) Tom Arnold and David Paymer star in this collision comedy in which a hapless crook inadvertently car-naps a van full of kids en route to school on the day of the adult driver's do-or-die PowerPoint presentation. Unlikely friendship are forged and hard lessons are learned, like that upscale supermarkets should sell doughnuts. Co-starring Rhea Perlman and Rod Steiger. Directed by Arthur Hiller. 16x9 Widescreen


WITHOUT LIMITS (1998) Robert Towne directs Billy Crudup in this sports biopic about legendary marathoner Steve Prefontaine, holder of every American distance running from 2,000 to 10,000 meters. Athletes were inspired by him, and fans elevated to rock star status. Off the track, officials mired in outdated politics got the point that activist "Pre" was taking the sport into a new era. Also stars Donald Sutherland as Pre's coach and Nike co-founder Bill Bowerman. 16x9 Widescreen


ZERO EFFECT (1998) Nero Wolfe by way of quirky indie flavors, Zero Effect is a mystery hero for the modern era and pre-figures the onslaught of addled detectives to come. Bill Pullman stars as shut-in genius Daryl Zero, while Ben Stiller plays his Archie Goodwin amanuensis Steve Arlo.

Borrowing a page from Doyle's Scandal in Bohemia (Sherlock fans take note), Zero Effect puts Daryl up against the mystery of love. Also stars Ryan O'Neal, Hugh Ross, Kim Dickens and Angela Featherstone. Written and directed by Jake Kasdan. 16x9 Widescreen

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