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Warner Archive Collection New Releases June 4: Time Bombs & Bombshells

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)



TERROR ON A TRAIN (1953) DP great-turned-director Ted Tetzlaff (My Man Godfrey, The Window) teams up with up-and-coming cinematographic titan Freddie Young (Lawrence of Arabia) to deliver as taut a suspenser as they come. Glenn Ford anchors the cast as a vet tasked with untangling a titanic time bomb all while his marriage is falling apart. Filmed overseas at MGM's British unit, Terror on a Train ably demonstrates "less is more" post-war British filmmaking similar to the great ex-pat film noirs and "kitchen sink" dramas made at this time. Ann Vernon (Umbrellas of Cherbourg) plays the spouse and Maurice Denham lead the crack cast of British character greats.


THE DECKS RAN RED (1958) Suspense team Andrew and Virginia Stone deliver a top-notch tale of nautical nefaria based on real events. James Mason is the able and ambitious seaman given command of The Berwind, an awful tramp that rust-stains the good name of the Merchant Marines. Broderick Crawford and Stuart Whitman play the schemer and stooge ripped from the darkest frames of noir. Dorothy Dandridge plays the bombshell who could be the spark that leads to mutiny - and murder. Stone's inspired choice of eschewing standard cinema score for a soundtrack mixed with the natural sounds of the sea pulls us into the menace and keeps us there. 16x9 Widescreen



THE REFORMER AND THE REDHEAD (1950) Wife and husband June Allyson and Dick Powell co-star in this off-the-wall romancer from the comedy team of Norman Panama and Melvin Frank that mixes grit-guy quips with animal antics. Powell, phasing out his tough guy persona as he prepared to step into production, leavens in his lighter song-and-dance self as a cynical wannabe pol who falls for a redhead zoologist (Allyson) who packs a punch as big as her heart. A circus of animal performers, including a pair of very large pussycats, keep the human actors on their feet. Also stars David Wayne and Ray Collins.


RIGHT CROSS (1950) Dick Powell takes a step back and plays second banana in this tale of triangle whose three points include a Mexican fighter (Ricardo Montalban), his promoter (June Allyson) and his sportswriter pal (Powell). Crisply assembled by a young John Sturges the film's bolstered by the likes of Lionel Barrymore, a then-unknown Marilyn Monroe, some song-and-dance from Powell and real fireworks from Allyson. But it's really Montalban's show all the way as he proves to be every bit the champ on screen as his Johnny Monterez is in the ring.



THE FBI: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON (1969-70) As the Sixties come to a tumultuous end, Inspector Erskine stares the Seventies down since it’s just business as usual for the men and women of the FBI in the hard-hitting fifth season of this hit series. This 26 episode collection sees Erskine (Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.), Special Agent Tom Colby (William Reynolds) and assistant director Arthur Ward (Philip Abbott) take on killers, kidnappers, extortionists, arsonists and a complete horde of commie infiltrators from multiple iron curtain countries. A showcase for veteran guest stars as well as the up-and-coming, this fifth season shines the spotlight on an arresting lineup including Robert Duvall and Jeff Bridges, Hitchcock femmes Vera Miles and Laraine Day, Anne Francis, Sam Elliott, Jack Klugman, David Cassidy, Joe Don Baker, Cicely Tyson and Harrison Ford.



IN VOGUE: THE EDITOR's EYE (2012) HBO Documentary Films takes an exclusive look at the world’s most influential fashion magazine as seen through the eyes of several of its most iconic fashion editors. Drawing on Vogue’s exceptional archives, the film explores Vogue’s cultural impact from its launch in 1892 through today. Features behind-the-scenes interviews with the editors who have contributed to the magazine’s legacy, including current editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and fashion editors Babs Simpson, Grace Coddington, Tonne Goodman, Phyllis Posnick, Jade Hobson, Carlyne Cerf, Polly Mellen, and Camilla Nickerson. In addition, Vogue subjects Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker, industry icon Hamish Bowles, and designers Nicolas Ghesquière and Marc Jacobs each recall their experience collaborating with the top photographers and image makers of the day. 16x9 Widescreen

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