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Warner Archive Collection New Releases May 28: Days of Wine and Poses

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


Days of Wine and Poses

Gioberti Uncorked

FALCON CREST: THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON (1983-84) We are gratified to finally uncork this exquisitely aged and oft requested primetime soap. After a long remastering process, the Tuscany Valley may now be seen in all its arboreal glory. The third season of this saga sees the Giobertis and Channings reeling from the murder of Jacqueline Perrault (Lana Turner) at the end of the last season. More betrayals, vendettas, kidnappings, blackmail and murders await in the never-ending battle to control Falcon Crest winery between Chase Gioberti (Robert Foxworth) and Angela Channing (Jane Wyman). The third season also stars David Selby, Lorenzo Lamas, Margaret Ladd, and Mel Ferrer, while Cliff Robertson enjoys a season long guest stint. From executive producer Earl Hamner, Jr. (The Waltons). Newly Remastered


Lana's Turn

A LIFE OF HER OWN (1950) Lana Turner doesn't wait for the postman to knock in this turgid hybrid of femme noir and melodrama about the underside of big agency modeling. Resigned to unwelcome male attention since her early teen, Kansas girl Lily decides she may as well make a career of it in the big city. After landing a gig at a top agency, a fateful meeting with a former top model (Ann Dvorak) portends a darker future. Although the film veers from noir's web of doom for more melodramatic fare, Dvorak's astonishing performance is worth the price of admission. George Cukor directs, co-starring Ray Milland and Tom Ewell. Newly Remastered


DIANE (1956) Lana Turner dons velvet and pearls for this historical epic derived from the real-life adventures of courtier/courtesan Diane de Poitiers. Well-versed in all the Renaissance humanities, Diane's wit and striking beauty enable her to thread her way through court and scandal while playing a 16th Century game of thrones. Roger Moore is the Dauphin that rules her heart, while Marisa Pavan is the de Medici that schemes to still it. Screenplay by literary lion Christopher Isherwood, with a cast of character greats such as Cedric Hardwicke, Henry Daniell, and Michael Ansara. Directed by David Miller. Newly Remastered 16x9 WIDESCREEN


MacDonald and Eddy: The Final Trio

THE MERRY WIDOW (1934) Oft' made operetta The Merry Widow get the Lubitsch treatment in this frothy concoction from the closing days of the pre-Code era. Light and airy, but loaded with down-to-earthy entendre, this version of The Merry Widow is as charming as its stars, Jeannette MacDonald and Maurice Chevalier. Director Ernst Lubitsch's last musical is a triumph on all notes, and highlight of MacDonald's sassy, sexy pre-Eddy persona. Also stars Edward Everett Horton, Una Merkel and Donald Meek. Newly Remastered


THE CAT & THE FIDDLE (1934) Silent screen heartthrob Ramon Navarro makes time with Jeanette MacDonald in this operetta about a pair of star-crossed composers. It's love at first sight for Victor (Navarro) when he alights in American Shirley Sheridan's (MacDonald) taxi on the streets of Brussels. Not so much for Shirley, but thanks to Victor's rooftop jumping and musical arrangement, Shirley soon sings Victor's praises. But fame and a lothario impresario (Frank Morgan) are waiting to drive the pair apart. With Charles Butterworth and Jean Hersholt. Newly Remastered


LET FREEDOM RING (1939) Nelson Eddy goes undercover to fight the power of the railroad barons in this patriotic paean to freedom filmed when the country was at the brink of war. Eddy plays Steve Logan who returns to his hometown in the West after a stint at law school he finds his hometown under the grasp of railroader Jim Knox (Edward Arnold), Logan pulls a Pimpernel by saddling up to Knox while secretly running a populist underground paper. Jack Conway directs from a script by Ben Hecht and a cast that includes Virginia Bruce, Victor McLaglan, Lionel Barrymore, Guy Kibbee and Charles Butterworth. Newly Remastered


Decades of Delights - Back in Print!


EXECUTIVE SUITE (1954) Legendary producer John Houseman assembled a dream team of A-listers to bring this big biz drama to the screen. William Holden, June Allyson, Barbara Stanwyck, Fredric March, Walter Pidgeon, Shelly Winters, and Paul Douglas are just a few of the actors who generously give their best in service to the story, with no light outshining another. Stanwyck in particular proves the adage "there are no small parts, just small actors." Robert Wise directs from an Ernest Lehman script. 16x9 WIDESCREEN


THE SILVER CHALICE (1954) Method-master Paul Newman may have felt out of his milieu in his debut role in this biblical epic about the origins of the Holy Grail, but The Silver Chalice still shines with its own unique cinematic luster. Eschewing traditional sand saga art direction, famed director Victor Saville cloaks the action inside the abstract, highlighting the theatrical - a choice that may have been influenced by the film's cast of Broadway headliners and Jack Palance's show stealing role as Simon Magus. With Virginia Mayo, Pier Angeli, E.G. Marshall, Lorne Greene and Natalie Wood. 16x9 WIDESCREEN


A BIG HAND FOR THE LITTLE LADY (1966) Joanne Woodward heads an all-star ensemble in this razor sharp cardshark western dramatic comedy. Once a year, the five richest men in Laredo (Charles Bickford, Kevin McCarthy, Jason Robards, Robert Middleton, John Qualen) drop everything for a marathon game of sky high stakes poker. When a settler with a gambling problem (Henry Fonda) stumbles into their game, it's his wife (Woodward) that's forced to play out the hand, or lose everything. Great performances all around (including Burgess Meredith and Paul Ford) and a sharp script full of more twists and turns than you can shake a pile of chips at, A Big Hand for the Little Lady is worth going all-in for. Directed and produced by Fielder Cook. 16x9 WIDESCREEN


CRUISING (1980) William Friedkin's controversial psycho-thriller sends an innocent rookie cop (Al Pacino) deep into the inferno of the "rough trade" scene in Manhattan's Meatpacking District. Without a Virgil to guide him out of the darkness, Pacino's character starts to get lost in a maelstrom of men, leathe, and murder. Also stars Paul Sorvino and Karen Allen. 16x9 WIDESCREEN


DISORDERLIES (1987) A compulsive gambler (Anthony Geary) decides to pay his debts to a sinister gangster by firing  his wealthy elderly uncle's (Ralph Bellamy) crack medical team and putting him under the bungling care of the three worst orderlies - the Fat Boys! And Bellamy! The Eighties! (Why are you still reading this? Just click it!) 16x9 WIDESCREEN

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