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Warner Archive Collection New Releases May 21: A Disc Named Joe and Robert Taylor

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


A Disc Named Joe and Robert Taylor

A Disc Named Joe

A Guy Named Joe (1943) Van Johnson gets a very special guardian airman/angel in the person of Spencer Tracy in this beloved WWII aviation action romance that deftly mixes sentiment, charm, thrills, tears, and passion for a stirring patriotic brew. Victor Fleming directs a top-flight cast including Irene Dunne, Lionel Barrymore (in good guy mode), Ward Bond and Barry Nelson. One of the most requested title in the library looks and sounds better than it has in decades! Newly Remastered


Robert Taylor: The Master Remastered

Stand Up and Fight (1939) Robert Taylor and Wallace Beery team-up in this antebellum saga of slavery and salvation. As stage coach lines battle the upstart railroads for supremacy, a disgraced Southern gentleman (Taylor) finds himself indentured to the tender mercies of a disgraceful stage line manager (Berry). As the two knock heads, they become embroiled in the fugitive slave trade - one looking for justice, the other to avoid guilt. They may triumph too - if they don't kill each other first. Directed by W.S. van Dyke with a script co-written by James Cain and co-starring Helen Broderick and Florence Rice. Newly Remastered


Power and the Prize (1956) A Pilgrim's Progress for the Skyscraper set, Robert Taylor plays an up-and-coming master of the corporate universe who discovers he might still be possessed of both heart and conscience. It's an easy leap to imagine Don Draper taking in the pic's astounding art direction and leaping into the lifestyle while missing the message. Director Henry Koster assembles as good an ensemble as you'll find this side of Sixth Avenue, including Burl Ives, Charles Coburn, Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Mary Astor and Elisabeth Müller. Newly Remastered


The House of the Seven Hawks (1959) An intriguing melange of Breaking Point, Maltese Falcon and Never Let Me Go (among others) The House of the Seven Hawks sets Taylor sailing just north of noir into Dutch waters and criminal quests. Replete with Nazi treasure, fat masterminds, fastidious henchmen, low-life pals, hulking brutes, and dual desperate dames laying claim to the same identity, this House demands a visit - or seven. Newly Remastered


Cattle King (1963) Taylor, in full-bore pistol patriarch mode, is all that stands between innocent ranchers and the unscrupulous speculators who demand the feds seize their land to establish a national cattle road. It's a good thing he's backed by a young Robert Loggia as Johnny Quattro, a gaucho who's as fast with his temper as he is with his guns. And just wait 'til President Chester A. Arthur (Larry Gates) shows up! Directed by Tay Garnett, also starring William Windom, Robert Middleton and Joan Caulfield. Newly Remastered



Massacre River (1949) Western titans Rory Calhoun, Steve Brodie and Guy Madison team up to star in a tale of tragedy and romance set along the knife's edge that was the Indian frontier. As two cavalry officers duel for the attentions and affections of the local lovelies, desperate criminals prepare to fleece an innocent femme. Are the waters of the Wachupi are about to run red - again? Also stars Iron Eyes Cody.


...And Seavers

Growing Pains: The Complete Third Season (1987-1988) It's as eighties as it gets in the third season of this family favorite sit-com, as the Seavers survive an Hawaiian vacation, robbery, two-timing romance (with a young Brad Pitt), Twilight Zone tonsillectomies (with Alan Hale, Jr, steering the ride) and Maggie's (Joanna Kerns) return to the workplace at a TV station. It's a good thing the clan has it's own live-in pater-therapist (Allen Thicke) as the two elder Seaver kids (Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold) inch ever closer to graduation.

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