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Warner Archive Collection New Releases May 14: Lariats & Liberace

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


From Lee With Love

SINCERELY YOURS (1955) Long before HBO took us Behind the Candelabra (thanks to the talents of Messrs. Soderbergh, Douglas and Damon) Władziu Valentino Liberace was a household one-name superstar, thanks to his smash hit syndicated TV series and Las Vegas revue, when Warner Bros. cast him in this remake of the George Arliss vehicle, The Man Who Played God. Under the stewardship of veteran camera hand George Stevens, Liberace was backed-up by a first-rate supporting "string" section featuring Dorothy Malone, JoAnne Dru and William Demarest. Mixing melodrama and music, Sincerely Yours depicts a maestro facing a future sans music, while his fiancé is finding romance with another. So what's a fate-tossed bravura showman to do? Lip-read and interfere in his neighbor's lives, that's what! Liberace performs a score of songs in the film, rendering the cost of admission musically moot, including an extended nightclub scene that captures the lightning in a bottle that was Liberace live on stage complete with sighing spinsters. Newly Remastered.


Make Mine a Monogram!

THE MONOGRAM COWBOY COLLECTION VOLUME SIX: JIMMY WAKELY Monogram's ace cowboy crooner (and true country crossover pop star) Jimmy Wakely rides and warbles across a blistering six-gun sextet that captures two phases of his screen career. First up, we draw a pair of aces with two films where Jimmy shares the screen with John “Dusty” James and Lee “Lasses” White. Then we get a quartet featuring the comic turns of prolific number two man, Dub "Cannonball" Taylor. As an added bonus, Whip Wilson makes his Monogram debut alongside Jimmy in 1948's Silver Trails.

Collection includes:

  • Riding the Dusty Trail aka Riders of the Dawn (1945) Three cowpokes and a baby!
  • Lonesome Trail (1945) Bandits try to steal an election - and an entire town!
  • The Rangers Ride (1948) Civil war vets take on a secret police state!
  • Range Renegades (1948) Western royalty Jennifer Holt is the evil mastermind!
  • Silver Trails (1948) Hear the crack of the Whip!
  • Brand of Fear (1949) One of Wakely's best - with superb versions of "There's a Rainbow Over the Range" and "Cool Water."  Remastered from the best available 35mm film elements.


STAMPEDE (1949) It's a full-house of Western wonder as Rod Cameron, Gale Storm and Johnny Mack Brown team up for this tale of water rights and gunfights. When settlers arrive at the town of Blackwell, Arizona they discover that the McCall brothers (Rod Cameron and Don Castle) control the water, and the cattlemen aren't inclined to share. Rebuffed by the sheriff (Johnny Mack Brown), one fiery tempered settler (Gale Storm) takes justice - and a long gun - into her own hands. Directed by prolific phenom Lesley Selander with a script co-written by a (very) young Blake Edwards.


SHORT GRASS (1950) Lesley Selander rides again, in this oater that re-teams Rod and Johnny Mack. This time 'round Rod plays a drifter who fails to steer clear of cordite-flavored trouble after falling hard for a rancher's daughter (Cathy Downs). Framed for a robbery and shot in the back, the drifter gives the ill-gotten goods to the rancher (Stanley Andrews) before fleeing. Returning half a decade later, he finds the rancher murdered, the daughter married to a lush, and a Marshall (Johnny Mack Brown) mooning over the lady. Also features Alan Hale, Jr.


WILD STALLION (1952) Following the murder of his parents during an Indian raid, a young boy (Orley Lindgren) becomes obsessed with his pet white colt that escaped during the raid. Raised on an army post, the boy becomes a wild horse hunter and continues his quest for his lost pet who's grown into a magnificent white stallion that leads a pack of wild horses. An early production from the legendary Walter Mirisch, starring Ben Johnson and a trio of future TV titans - Edgar Buchanan, Hayden Rorke, and Hugh Beaumont.


RIDER ON DEAD HORSE (1962) Allied Artists continues to step into the New Westerns of the 1960s with this six-gun saga that mixes seedy with its oats. Three prospectors (John Vivyan, Bruce Gordon and Charles Lampkin) bury their gold to protect it from Apache attack. No sooner than you can say "Sierra Madre", greed turns the trio into a killer, a victim, and a corpse. But unfortunately for the killer, only the man he left for dead knows the way back to the secret cache. Also stars Kevin Hagen and Lisa Lu.

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