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Warner Archive Collection New Releases: All Kinds of Comedy!

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


Return of the Kings

THE BOWERY BOYS COLLECTION, VOLUME TWO (1946-55): Slip, Sach and the rest of the crew are back for another heaping selection of hilarity that delivers up a full decade of Bowery brou-ha-has. Charter the Boys' course from their crime and Saturday-serial flavored comedy beginnings alongside fellow Dead Enders Bobby Jordan and Gabe Dell to full on Stoogian slapstick insanity, as Horace Debussy Jones, Jr. starts to take center stage. Contains some of the Boys' most beloved outings including Spook Busters, Private Eyes and perhaps their most famous outing, Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters. These films have been remastered from the best available 35mm film elements. Initial quantities of this release will be traditionally replicated (pressed) in anticipation of high consumer demand.

Includes: Spook Busters (1946) Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947) Bowery Buckaroos (1947) Smuggler's Cove (1948) Ghost Chasers (1951) Let's Go Navy!(1951) Hold That Line (1952) Loose in London (1953) Clipped Wings (1953) Private Eyes (1953) Bowery Boys Meet The Monsters (1954) High Society (1955)


CHILDRENS HOSPITAL: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON (2012) Meet the undisputed king of 15-Minute Midnight medical procedurals. This Emmy winning comedy (short form, because the long-forms were scared) began life as a series of 5 minute webisodics before making the jump to the boob tube. Childrens Hospital not only defies conventions, it defiles them. Scandalous, scabrous, crass and clever, Childrens Hospital's razor sharp wit is matched only by the quantum-keen comedy of its 'staff', ably led by co-creator Rob Corddry (Cutter Spindell/Dr. Blake Downs) Rob Huebel, Malin Akerman, Erinn Hayes, Ken Marino, Megan Mullaly, Henry Winkler, Lake Bell and the voice of Michael Cera. Guests spots include Jon Hamm! Dominic Monaghan! Nick Offerman! Dominic Monaghan! Frances Fisher! And Brian Huskey as Chet!


THE RICKY GERVAIS SHOW, THE COMPLETE THIRD SEASON (2012) The Office creators Ricky Gervais and Steven Merchant's popular podcast gets an animated remix to emerge as one of the sprightliest and strange comedies to ever grace the cableways. With the spotlight squarely cast on former Ricky Gervais Show radio producer, the ineffable and improbable Karl Pilkington, this talk/toon mash-up takes us to vistas hitherto only imagined by a 'round-headed buffoon'. Highlights from the third season include Karl pitching a film about an actor trapped in the body of Tom Cruise (played by Tom Cruise), a day in the life of Karl Pilkington, and Karl ruminating on his personal highlight of the year, observing invertebrates eating his biscuit (cf: cookie) on a window sill.


Eddie Cantor: Ol' Banjo Eyes

Eddie Cantor, "the apostle of pep," was an original king of all media, vaulting from vaudeville to Broadway, Hollywood, the radio airwaves and even TV. These two films, early gems from the illustrious Samuel Goldwyn library, are prime examples of the singing and dancing stage persona that made Eddie Cantor a household word.


WHOOPEE (1930) This two-strip Technicolor musical comedy, adapted from Cantor's smash Broadway show, delivered hit songs like "Makin' Whoopee" and “My Baby Just Cares for Me” along with the dance number debut of a young choreographer by the name of Busby Berkeley - whose signature powers are on full display. Cantor plays a neuroses-laden hypochondriac (decades before Woodrow Allen) who becomes an accidental matchmaker when he offers a ride to a runaway bride way out West. Cantor becomes an unwilling Mercutio between the brides warring suitors - Sheriff Bob Wells and local tribesman Wanenis.


KID MILLIONS (1934) Cantor depicts a simple Brooklyn boy who finds himself on a collision course with charlatans, connivers, sheiks, and she-devils on the way to inherit a fortune in Egypt. Ann Sothern, Ethel Merman, George Murphy, Paul Harvey and Edgar Kennedy all lend their talents to the to-do, which climaxes with a truly sweet three-strip Technicolor dream of a finish.


Blowing Smoke Down Under

STONED BROS. (2009) Australia’s answer to Harold and Kumar, Stoned Bros. is a pot-fuelled road-trip that gives Cheech and Chong a run for their stash. Sick of the city life and their dead-end jobs, Charlie and his up-tight cousin Eddie decide it’s time to reconnect with their homegrown roots. Taking off in a beat-up Ford they spark it up on a spiritual journey across the Australian Outback to find and return a sacred stone, which Charlie lost in a blaze of confusion. To succeed they will have to survive encounters with a demonically possessed dog, a depressed drag queen, a jilted ex-lover, a soul-searching cop, and a deadly spider that's come along for the ride. When the smoke finally clears, you'll have had a blast!

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