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Warner Archive Collection New Releases April 16: Three Stars Will Shine

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


Triple Action - Three Times Fast!!!
FAST COMPANY/FAST AND LOOSE/FAST AND FURIOUS TRIPLE FEATURE (1938-1939) Meet the Sloans, rare book dealer Joel and his spousal secretary Garda bust crime when their not lip-locked in a clinch. The wise-cracks, workplace romance and murder may put viewers in mind of a certain girth-lacking gentleman, but the Sloans serve up their own brew of cinematic froth. And adding extra-boost to the mystery menu? Three different pairings in each installment! Melvyn Douglas and Florence Rice inaugurate the series in high fashion, mere months before Melvyn's career would go meteoric (thanks to a little picture called Ninotchka) in 1938's Fast Company. Claire Dodd shares top billing as the film's femme who may or may not turn out to be fatale. Next up, Fast and Loose pairs up the dry wits of Robert Montgomery and Rosalind Russell as the Sloans get swept up in purloined Shakespeare. Finally, no less a luminary than Busby Berkeley takes the director's chair in 1939’s FAST AND FURIOUS guiding the able hands of Franchot Tone and a Maisie-hot Ann Sothern as Garda who finally goes to the beach for her long awaited vacation. Unfortunately, Joel gets caught up in a deadly scheme...

NICK CARTER MYSTERIES TRIPLE FEATURE (1939-1940) Nick Carter began his stint as literary icon and criminal foe over 125 years ago on the pages of dime novels. As times and media change, he's donned a wide spectrum of hero hats: proto-superman, pulp detective, radio gumshoe, paperback spy-sassin - "the American Sherlock Holmes"... Perhaps the best incarnation of Nick Carter can be found in these three high-flying, white knuckling, brawling adventure mysteries starring the great Walter Pidgeon. Not yet confined by the probities of the leading support roles he would be called on to play, Walter's Carter is equal parts cranium and cool, mixing the ratiocination with romance and fisticuffs. The looming war in Europe casts a shadow of the films as well, with Nick tackling timely menaces such as spies and saboteurs, alongside his diminutive amateur detective sidekick Bartholemew, a true B-man who literally controls swarms of angry bees.

Nick Carter, Master Detective (1939) sees Nick tackling espionage and sabotage in the aviation industry with Rita Johnson providing earth-bound distractions. Phantom Raiders (1939) sees Nick tackling the sinking of supply ships with Fast Company star Florence Rice. Sky Murder (1940) has Nick trying to clear Karen Verne of a locked aircraft murder. Future Falcon, Tom Conway is also aboard for the ride!

Three Stars Will Shine Tonight
DR. KILDARE: THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (1961-1962) Richard Chamberlain and Raymond Massey don the surgical scrubs first made famous by the film team of Lew Ayres and Lionel Barrymore for the equally successful TV incarnation in the 1960s. Richard Chamberlain star ascended quickly, as the show swept him from relative unknown to full-on teen idol (in a show pointed squarely at adults, no less). The show was also blessed to have the talents of a young Jerrald Goldsmith on hand to pen the shows score. Kildare's title theme, “Three Stars Will Shine Tonight”, became a monster hit on its own, sung by Mr. Chamberlain himself. Notable guests include Lee Marvin, Ellen Burstyn, Dorothy Malone, Joseph Cotten, Mary Astor, Margaret O’Brien and more! And as an added bonus, we've dug up a "lost" episode - "The Eleventh Hour," the ORIGINAL, never-aired pilot for the Wendell Corey psychiatric drama, teaming Dr. Theodore Bassett up with Drs. Gillespie and Kildare to get to the bottom of what the devil is wrong with Ann Costigan (Vera Miles). All episodes have been newly remastered especially for this DVD premiere release. Initial quantities of this release will be traditionally replicated (pressed) in anticipation of high consumer demand.

HBO Presents
ETHEL (2012) Filmmaker Rory Kennedy corrals a most unlikely, and most inspiring subject for this documentary, her very private and very extra-ordinary mother, Ethel Kennedy.This personal portrait, featuring candid interviews with Ethel Kennedy – her first extended interview in more than two decades – and her children Kathleen, Joe, Bobby, Courtney, Kerry, Chris and Max, spans her political awakening, the life she shared with Robert Kennedy and the years following his death, when she raised their 11 children. Ethel is the first film made about the Kennedys from within the family.

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