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Warner Archive Collection New Releases: A Big Man is Good to Find

NOTE: These DVDs are Manufactured on Demand (MOD); to order, fans must visit The Warner Archive Collection (www.WarnerArchive.com or www.wbshop.com)


Go West or Go Gaelic

CHEYENNE (1947) This edgy noir-flavored crime rand cowboy saga, directed by the great Raoul Walsh, has been overlooked thanks to a re-titling to The Wyoming Kid made over concern about confusion with the Big Man's TV show Cheyenne. Dennis Morgan tops a cast of top notch talent playing a con-man gambler coerced into serving as Wells Fargo's catspaw in their quest to catch the elusive safe cracker, "The Poet." The card shark soon finds caught between The Poet's schemes and The Sundance Kid, while dancing a double duet with a pair of femme fatales (Jane Wyman and Janis Paige). Also stars Arthur Kennedy and Alan Hale.


HEAVEN WITH A GUN (1969) Glenn Ford, much like Gary Cooper a decade before in The Hanging Tree, straddles the Westerns' past and its post-modern present with a film that plays to its oats while stepping in time with the times. Last of the old school Cowboy stars, Ford plays a gunfighter that's found God, but hasn't yet put away his guns. Setting up pasturage in a settlement on the verge of exploding into range war between the wealthy cattlemen led by Asa Beck (John Anderson) and the hard scrabble shepherds who have come in search of a chance at salvation, Pastor Jim faces demons from his past and present. This terrific ensemble includes Carolyn Jones, David Carradine, Noah Beery,Jr. and Barbara Hershey.


THE RISING OF THE MOON (1957) For this film, iconic director John Ford was not painting the West in unforgettable pieces of cinema but proudly sharing the love of his Irish roots in this humble trilogy of tales shot on location on the Emerald Isle. Using a bevy of the enchanted island's local talent, Ford pens a love letter to Eire that's perfect for Saint Patrick's Day or any other day you're feeling green. The first tale, "The Majesty of the Law", based on a short story by Frank O'Connor, is a character sketch with a subtle turn by Cyril Cusack as a policeman with a burdensome message. The next tale, "A Minute's Wait", based on a 1914 one-act comedy by Martin J. McHugh, is a rollicking piece taking place within the confines of a one-minute stop at an Irish way station - bear in mind that it's an Irish minute... Finally, 1921, based on the play "The Rising of the Moon" by Lady Gregory, combines drama, comedy, and suspense in the tale of a convicted political criminal's daring escape from execution. Tyrone Power narrates and hosts.


MONOGRAM COWBOY COLLECTION VOLUME 5: STARRING JOHNNY MACK BROWN Johnny Mack Brown and Raymond Hatton ride in as US Marshals Nevada Jack MacKenzie and Sandy Hopkins, ready to deliver steely justice to the criminal predators of the plains, in seven of their thrilling six-gun sagas. And to add some savor to your platter, JMB saddles up in a bonus pair of classics as ex-Confederate Captain turned Fed, Johnny Brownell, in Raiders of the South and as “Johnny Mack Brown” in Canyon Ambush! Set includes:


  • The Texas Kid (1943)
  • Partners of the Trail (1944)         
  • Law Men (1944)
  • Ghost Guns (1944) with Evelyn Finley
  • Gun Smoke (1945) with Jennifer Holt
  • Frontier Feud (1945) with Dennis Moore and Christine McIntyre Border Bandits (1946) with Riley Hill and Rosa Del Rosario Raiders of the South (1947) with Raymond Hatton in a non-Sandy Hopkins role, as well as Evelyn Brent Canyon Ambush (1952) with Phyllis Coates


CHEYENNE: THE COMPLETE FIFTH SEASON (1960-61) In its smash fifth season, Cheyenne hit the TV trail as a slick saddle bum sagebrush saga. Under the stewardship of legendary exec William T. Orr and breakout superstar “Big Man” Clint Walker, Cheyenne set the tone for a decade of TV Westerns to come. In a season full of surprises, season 5 serves up a sensational cross-over episode, when “Duel at Judas Basin” sees Cheyenne Bodie joining forces with Tom “Sugarfoot” Brewster (Will Hutchins) in order to save Bronco (Ty Hardin) from a fiendish crook. Other stops along the range include a return to Cheyenne’s hometown, a fugitive run to Mexico, and an imperiled ranch defended by Bill the Kid (Ray Stricklyn). Notable guests of the west include Alan Hale Jr., Dawn Wells, Max Baer, Stacy Keach and Western B-Movie legend Allan “Rocky” Lane! 13 episodes, 4-Disc Collection.

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