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Fox Cinema Archives May-June


23 Never-Before-Released Fox Classics to Debut on DVD Beginning Today

LOS ANGELES, CA (May 17, 2013) – Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment announced plans to release 23 brand new films on DVD from their popular Fox Cinema Archives collection over the course of the next five weeks, beginning today. Launched in 2012, Fox Cinema Archives includes more than 160 classic films drawing from the studio’s rich catalog. The collection goes deep into the studio’s vault to bring classic films featuring some of the biggest hits of the twentieth century to DVD for the first time.

In the coming weeks, several new classic films will be added to Fox Cinema Archives offering film aficionados the opportunity to purchase a variety of iconic films at major top-tier retailers. The release schedule for this wave of titles can be seen below.

Available Now

The Gambler from Natchez (1954), 88 min.
A prodigal son (Dale Robertson) returns home to take revenge on the men who murdered his father.

Tail Spin (1939), 84 min.
Alice Faye plays a determined female flyer who faces down her wealthy competitor in the skies and in matters of the heart.

The True Story of Jesse James (1957), 92 min.
An account of the last eighteen years in the life of the notorious bank and train robber, Jesse James (Robert Wagner), and his brother and partner-in-crime, Frank.

May 21

Powder River (1953), 77 min.
When Chino Bullock's partner is shot dead, the former U.S. Marshall turned gold-prospector returns to his trade, becoming the town sheriff to avenge his friend's death.

Princess of the Nile (1954), 71 min.
A thirteenth century, scimitar-wielding Egyptian princess (Debra Paget) leads her people against a powerful Bedouin to save Egypt.  

Young Guns of Texas (1962), 78 min.
An outlaw who is brought up by the Comanche falls in love with the daughter of a cruel rancher, all while on a search for a missing man.

White Witch Doctor (1953), 95 min.
Professional game hunter Lonni Douglas (Robert Mitchum) is hired by a nurse, Ellen Burton (Susan Hayward), to take her into the heart of Africa to hopefully find a man that was her mentor.  

May 28

The Road to Glory (1936), 101 min.
Directed by Howard Hanks and starring Fredric March, Warner Baxter and Lionel Barrymore, this film provides an intimate look at life in the trenches of World War I, pitting the horrors of war against the strength, fears and bravery of the soldiers that fight it.

The Siege at Red River (1954), 86 min.
A Confederate soldier (Van Johnson) enlists the North's help in order to retrieve a shipment of Gatling guns.

The Silver Whip (1953), 73 min.
A stage coach driver turned deputy (Robert Wagner) is forced to decide between either upholding the law or allowing his best friend to seek his vengeance on the man sitting in his jail.

Welcome Home Soldier Boys (1972), 91 min.
Four soldiers returning from Vietnam decide to move to California, but on the way they are mistaken for thieves – and take their revenge the only way they know.

Western Union (1941), 95 min.
Starring Robert Young and Randolph Scott, two outlaw brothers lock horns when one gives up his criminal ways and goes to work for Western Union, laying lines in Omaha and Salt Lake City. 

June 4

King of the Khyber Rifles (1953), 100 min.
In this film, nominated for a Director’s Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Motion Pictures, Tyrone Power plays a half-Indian, half-British soldier who must prove his loyalty to Britain by quelling an uprising led by his boyhood Indian friend

Bird of Paradise (1951), 100 min.
A French adventurer (Louis Jourdan) accompanies the son of an Island ruler back to the place of his birth, where he finds love with a native princess (Debra Paget).

Hard Contract (1969), 105 min.
A cold-hearted American hit man (James Coburn) goes to Europe for 'one last score' in this film nominated for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Motion Picture. His encounter with a beautiful young woman (Lee Remick) casts self-doubt on his livelihood, and influences him to resist carrying out the contract.

Lure of the Wilderness (1952), 90 min.
Jim Harper (on the run from the law for a murder he didn’t commit) and his young daughter Laurie hide out near a swamp, while trapper Ben Tyler tries to clear the old man’s name and the real culprits try finding him.

Red Skies of Montana (1952), 98 min.
A veteran firefighter (Richard Widmark) is accused of cowardice by a rookie when the young man loses his father in a fire fight campaign supervised by the veteran.

Untamed (1955), 111 min.
Among those leaving Ireland during the potato famine are Katie O'Neill (Susan Hayward) and her husband, who decide that the Promised Land is South Africa. Once there, they discover the hardships that are the reality of the homesteader experience.

June 11

The Fighting Lady (1944), 61 min.
Highlighted by actual aerial footage from World War II, this Oscar®-winning documentary follows the battles, and the men who fought them, while stationed on American aircraft carriers in the Pacific Ocean.

Paris After Dark (1943), 84 min.
A man released from a Nazi POW camp thinks his wife is having an affair with her rich employer (George Saunders), but they are actually working for the French resistance. He finds out the truth and sacrifices himself for the cause.

Marines, Let’s Go (1961), 103 min.
Tom Tryon and David Hedison star as four Marine buddies share comic misadventures before being redeployed.

Battle At Bloody Beach (1961), 79 min.
During World War II, a young American (Audie Murphy) finds his wife in the war-torn islands of the Pacific, where she has become a fierce partisan of the insurgent guerilla movement.

Confirm or Deny (1941), 73 min.
A war correspondent (Don Ameche) in London falls in love with the woman (Joan Bennett) sent to censor his stories.

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