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    October 2
  • Annie

    (1982) Dir.: John Huston; Albert Finney, Carol Burnett, Aileen Quinn, Bernadette Peters, Ann Reinking, Tim Curry. 30th anniversary edition. Extras: "Sing-Along With Annie!" to the songs from the film, "My Hollywood Adventure With Aileen Quinn" featurette, musical performance of "It's the Hard-Knock Life" by Play, original trailers and TV spots. (Sony).
  • Bond Re-issues

    "Die Another Day", "Dr. No," "For Your Eyes Only," "From Russia With Love," "Goldfinger," "Licence to Kill," "Live And Let Die," "The Man With the Golden Gun," "Moonraker," "Thunderball," "The World Is Not Enough." (MGM).
  • Cinderella Blu-ray Diamond Edition Collection

    (1950) The Disney classic comes out of the vault. Formats: Collector's six-Disc Jewelry Box Set (Cinderella Blu-ray + Cinderella 2: Dreams Come True Blu-ray/Cinderella 3: A Twist in Time on a single Blu-ray + Cinderella DVD + Cinderella 2 DVD + Cinderella 3 DVD + Cinderella Digital Copy Disc), a three-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy), a two-Disc Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD). Extras: (Studio).
  • Cyborg

    (1989) Jean-Claude Van Damme. (MGM).
  • In the Mood for Love

    (2000) Hong Kong, 1962: Chow Mo-wan (Tony Leung Chiu-wai) and Su Li-zhen (Maggie Cheung Man-yuk) move into neighboring apartments on the same day. Their encounters are formal and polite -- until a discovery about their spouses sparks an intimate bond between them. At once delicately mannered and visually extravagant, "In the Mood for Love," directed by Wong Kar-wai, is a masterful evocation of romantic longing and fleeting moments. With its aching musical soundtrack and its exquisitely abstract cinematography by Christopher Doyle and Mark Lee Ping-bin, this film has been a major stylistic influence on the past decade of cinema, as well as a milestone in Wong's redoubtable career. In Cantonese and Shanghainese with English subtitles. High-definition digital restoration, approved by cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-bin, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. Extras: "@ In the Mood for Love," Wong Kar-wai's documentary on the making of the film; deleted scenes; "Hua yang de nian hua" (2000), a short film by Wong; archival interview with Wong and a "cinema lesson" given by the director at the 2001 Cannes Film Festival; Toronto International Film Festival press conference from 2000, with stars Maggie Cheung Man-yuk and Tony Leung Chiu-wai; two new interviews with critic Tony Rayns, one about the film and the other about the soundtrack; trailers and TV spots; booklet featuring an essay by novelist and film critic Steve Erickson and the Liu Yi-chang story that provided thematic inspiration for the film. (The Criterion Collection).
  • Pet Sematary

    (1989) Dale Midkiff, Fred Gwynne, Denise Crosby, Brad Greenquist. Extras: Commentary by director Mary Lambert, a guided tour of the frightening locations led by author Stephen King along with an exploration of the origins of the novel, an introduction to the cast and characters, and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the film. (Paramount).
  • The Princess Bride 25th Anniversary

    (1987) Dir.: Rob Reiner; Cary Elwes, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, Andre the Giant, Fred Savage, Robin Wright, Peter Falk, Peter Cook, Mel Smith, Carol Kane, Billy Crystal. Bonus features: New: "True Love: The Princess Bride Phenomenon" (Parts. 1 & 2): For 25 years, viewers have watched and loved The Princess Bride. But why does it resonate so strongly for all ages? This two-part featurette offers some answers, along with funny and touching tributes from its cast, director, writer and fans. Also includes bonus features from previous Blu-ray: Commentary by Rob Reiner, commentary by William Goldman , "As You Wish: The Story of The Princess Bride," Cary Elwes video diary, "Miraculous Makeup," "The Dread Pirate Roberts: Greatest Pirate of the Seven Seas," "Love Is Like a Storybook," "The Princess Bride The Untold Tales" featurette, "The Art of Fencing" featurette, "Fairytales and Folklore" featurette, original theatrical trailer, Easter Eggs. (Fox).
  • Universal Classic Monsters: The Essential Collection

    Eight-disc set with "Dracula," "Frankenstein," "The Mummy," "The Invisible Man," "Bride of Frankenstein," The Wolf Man," "Phantom of the Opera," "Creature From the Black Lagooon" (with a 3D version of the film. Includes a 48-page "House of Horror" book featuring behind-the-scenes photographs, original posters and rare correspondences. Read the complete press release $159.98 but Available for preorder now from Amazon for $111.99. (Universal).


    October 9
  • Dead Ringer

    (1964) Bette Davis, Karl Malden, Peter Lawford. (Warner).
  • Dial M for Murder Blu-ray 3D

    (1954) Dir.: Alfred Hitchcock; Grace Kelly, Ray Milland, Robert Cummings, John Wiliams. Hitchock's suspense classic was among the first films that helped Warner Bros. introduce 3D in U.S. theatres in the early '50s. Now, thanks to advanced Blu-ray technology and the efforts of Warner Bros.' Motion Picture Imaging division, Warner Home Video has restored the original 3D presentation so audiences can see the film in their homes as it was originally meant to be seen. A 2D version will also be included. Extras: Featurettes: "Hitchcock and Dial M" and 3"D: A Brief History," original 1954 theatrical trailer. (Warner).
  • E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial

    (1982) Dir.: Steven Spielberg; Dee Wallace, Peter Coyote, Drew Barrymore, Henry Thomas. 30th anniversary edition. Extras: "The E.T. Journals" new bonus feature retraces the day-to-day experience of creating E.T from never-before-seen, behind-the-scenes footage shot by Academy Award-winning cinematographer John Toll; "Steven Spielberg & E.T.": a new interview with Spielberg as he reflects back on the film and discusses his experience working with the actors, as well as his overall and current perspective on E.T.; two deleted scenes from 2002 version of the film; "A Look Back": A special insider's look into the making of E.T. featuring interviews with Spielberg, the cast, and others; "The E.T. Reunion": The cast and filmmaker reunite to discuss their thoughts on the impact of the film; "The Evolution and Creation of E.T."; "The Music of E.T."; "The 20th Anniversary Premiere"; Original Theatrical Trailer; Special Olympics TV spot; "Designs, Photographs and Marketing": E.T. designs by production illustrator Ed Verreaux, E.T. designs by Carlo Rambaldi; spaceship designs by Ralph McQuarrie; Designs by production illustrator Ed Verreaux; production photographs; marketing E.T. Available as a Blu-ray Combo Pack with Blu-ray, DVD, Digital Copy & UltraViolet. (Universal).
  • Find Me Guilty

    (2006) Dir.: Sidney Lumet; Vin Diesel, Alex Rocco. Extras: "A Conversation With Sidney Lumet." (MGM).
  • I, Robot 3D

    (2004) Will Smith, Bridget Moynahan. Two-disc combo pack with Blu-ray 3D, Blu-ray and DVD. (Fox).
  • Ice Station Zebra

    (1968) Dir.: John Sturges; Rock Hudson, Ernest Borgnine, Patrick McGoohan. (Warner).
  • Little Shop of Horrors: The Director's Cut

    (1986) Dir.: Frank Oz; Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, Vincent Gardenia, Steve Martin. Includes two hi-def versions of the cult classic: the one shown in theaters and The Director’s Cut, featuring a newly restored 20-minute ending from the director’s first cut, now in color. The footage of the original ending was previously available only in black & white in the extra content of a limited number of copies of a DVD edition released in 1998. Now, with the help of production notes from Oz and others on the film's creative team, Warner Home Video has restored and digitally remastered the ending, in color, with the elaborate special effects intact. Sound has also been rebuilt and mixed in Dolby 5.1. The theatrical version has also been re-mastered. Bonus features: Commentary by Oz (on the theatrical version); "Frank Oz and Little Shop of Horrors: The Director's Cut," an introduction by Frank Oz with Richard Conway; outtakes; deleted scenes; behind-the-scenes documentary; commemorative Blu-ray Book with 40 pages of behind-the-scenes insight, including film trivia, actor and director bios and more. (Warner).
  • Magical Mystery Tour

    (1967) In September 1967 The Beatles embarked on their third film, this time conceived and directed by themselves. Based on a loose unscripted narrative, in the spirit of the experimental mood of the time, and directed by The Beatles themselves, the film became the vehicle to present six new songs: "Magical Mystery Tour," "The Fool on the Hill," "Flying," "I Am the Walrus," "Blue Jay Way" and "Your Mother Should Know." Fully restored with unseen footage and newly-filmed interviews with Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and other members of the film's cast and crew. $29.98. Also available as a deluxe box set with the Blu-ray, the DVD and a double-vinyl EP. Extras: Eight-page booklet; director's commentary by Paul McCartney; "The Making of Magical Mystery Tour"; "Ringo the Actor"; "Meet the Supporting Cast" featurette on the background and careers of Nat Jackley, Jessie Robins, Ivor Cutler, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Victor Spinetti, George Claydon and Derek Royle; three new edits of performances of "Your Mother Should Know," "Blue Jay Way" and "The Fool on the Hill" with footage not seen in the original film; the famous BBC "Hello Goodbye" broadcast of 1967; a scene of Traffic performing and acting out "Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush," commissioned by The Beatles for possible inclusion in the film but not used in the final edit. (Capitol).
  • Strangers on a Train

    (1951) Director: Alfred Hitchcock; Farley Granger, Robert Walker. Extras: Commentary by Peter Bogdanovich, Joseph Stefano, Andrew Wilson, Joe Alves, Peter Benchley, Tere Caruba, Whitfield Cook, Katie Fiala, Richard Franklin, Alfred Hitchcock, Patricia Hitchcock O'Connell, Kasey Rogers, Richard Schickel and Mary Stone; "Strangers on a Train: A Hitchcock Classic"; "Strangers on a Train: The Victim's P.O.V."; "Strangers on a Train: An Appreciation by M. Night Shyamalan"; "The Hitchcocks on Hitch" ; "Alfred Hitchcock's Historical Meeting"; "Preview Version"; theatrical trailer. (Warner).
  • What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?

    (1962) Dir.: Robert Aldrich; Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Victor Buono. 50th anniversary edition packaged as a Blu-ray book with includes three documentaries, 36 pages of essays, behind-the-scenes photography, commentary and vintage featurettes. $34.99. A two-disc special edition DVD will also be available for $14.96. Commentary by Charles Busch and John Epperson, "Bette and Joan: Blind Ambition," "Behind the Scenes With Baby Jane" vintage featurette, excerpt from the 12/20/1962 episode of "The Andy Williams Show," "All About Bette" [1994 TNT documentary], "Film Profile: Joan Crawford" [1967 BBC documentary], "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Dan-O-Rama Movie Mix Trailer," theatrical trailer. (Warner).

    October 16
  • Avatar 3D

    (2009) Dir.: James Cameron; Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, Sigourney Weaver, Stephen Lan, Michelle Rodriguez, Giovanni Ribisi, Joel David Moore, CCH Pounder, Wes Studi. (Fox).
  • Broadway: The American Musical

    (2004) Three-disc set of the six-part series that tells two stories: the 100-year history of musical theater and the story of its relationship to 20th-century American life. (PBS Distribution).
  • Ella Enchanted

    (2004) Anne Hathaway, Hugh Dancy, Cary Elwes, Vivica A. Fox, Minnie Driver, Eric Idle. Available as a Blu-ray/DVD combo. Extras: Music Video: "It's Not Just Make Believe" performed by Kari Kimmel, deleted and extended scenes, commentary with director Tommy O'Haver and actors Anne Hathaway and Hugh Dancy, "Ella Enchanted Red Carpet Premiere Special" featurette, "The Magical World of Ella Enchanted" featurette, "Prince Charmont's Fan Club" set-top game (DVD exclusive), "Happily Ever After" DVD-rom special feature (DVD exclusive). (Lionsgate).
  • The Forgiveness of Blood

    (2011) American director Joshua Marston broke out in 2004 with his jolting, Oscar-nominated "Maria Full of Grace," about a young Colombian woman working as a drug mule. In his remarkable follow-up, "The Forgiveness of Blood," he turns his camera on another corner of the world: contemporary northern Albania, a place still troubled by the ancient custom of interfamilial blood feuds. From this reality, Marston sculpts a fictional narrative about a teenage brother and sister physically and emotionally trapped in a cycle of violence, a result of their father's entanglement with a rival clan over a piece of land. "The Forgiveness of Blood" is a tense and perceptive depiction of a place where tradition and progress have an uneasy co-existence, as well as a dynamic coming-of-age drama. New high-definition digital transfer, approved by producer Paul Mezey, with 5.1 surround DTS-HD Master Audio soundtrack. In Albanian with English subtitles. Extras: Commentary featuring director and co-writer Joshua Marston; two new video programs: "Acting Close to Home," a discussion between Marston and actors Refet Abazi, Tristan Halilaj, and Sindi Lacej, and "Truth on the Ground," featuring new and on-set interviews with Mezey, Abazi, Halilaj, and Lacej; audition and rehearsal footage; trailer; booklet featuring an essay by film writer Oscar Moralde. (The Criterion Collection).
  • The Funhouse Collector's Edition

    1981) Dir.: Tobe Hooper; Elizabeth Berridge, Cooper Huckabee, Miles Chaplin, Sylvia Miles, William Finle, Kevin Conway. Four terrified teens are trapped in the maze of a carnival's funhouse and stalked by a real monster, a horribly deformed killer who lurks among the freakish exhibits to butcher them one by one. Blu-ray/DVD combo. Extras: Commentary by director Tobe Hooper, hosted by director Tim Sullivan; more. ( (Shout! Factory/Scream Factory).
  • A League Of Their Own 20th Anniversary

    (1992) Dir.: Penny Marshall; Tom Hanks, Geena Davis, Madonna, Lori Petty, Rosie O'Donnell, Jon Lovitz, David Strathairn, Garry Marshall, Bill Pullman. Extras: Director and cast commentary, 15 deleted scenes, documentary "Nine Memorable Innings" featuring interviews with the cast and filmmakers, Madonna's "This Used to Be My Playground" music video. (Sony).
  • Terror Train Collector's Edition

    (1980) Dir.: Roger Spottiswoode; Ben Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Hart Bochner, David Copperfield. It's New Year's Eve and group of college co-eds have planned a masquerade bash aboard a chartered train. What they didn't plan on was that a knife-wielding psycho would crash the party and begin slaughtering the guests one by one. Blu-ray/DVD combo. Extras: Commentary by director Roger Spottiswoode, still gallery, more. (Shout! Factory/Scream Factory).

    October 23
  • Blade Runner 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition

    photo A four-disc Blu-ray/DVD and UltraViolet 30th anniversary commemorative gift set that includes all 10+ hours of bonus content from the critically acclaimed Ultimate Collector's Edition from 2007 plus a 72-page production art book of newly discovered sketches from director Ridley Scott, photos from the set and more; special motion lenticular scene; numbered collectible spinner car designed by visual futurist Syd Mead Content; "Dangerous Days" documentary. Includes all five feature film versions: The Final Cut, '92 Director's Cut, Domestic and International Theatrical versions and the rare Work Print. $64.98. Also available as a three-disc Blu-ray book with The Final Cut version and a 36 page hard cover book with never-before-seen images from the set and scene sketches from Ridley Scott; $34.99. (Warner). Read the complete press release.
  • Bond Re-issues

    "Casino Royale," "Quantum of Solace." (MGM).
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday

    (1971) John Schlesinger followed his Academy Award–winning "Midnight Cowboy" with this sophisticated and highly personal take on love and sex. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" depicts the romantic lives of two Londoners, a middle-aged doctor and a prickly thirtysomething divorcee­played by Oscar winners Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson ­who are sleeping with the same handsome young artist (Murray Head). A revelation in its day, this may be the 1970s' most intelligent, multitextured film about the complexities of romantic relationships; it is keenly acted and sensitively directed, from a penetrating screenplay by novelist and critic Penelope Gilliatt. New high-definition digital restoration, supervised by director of photography Billy Williams, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack. Extras: New video interviews with actor Murray Head, Williams, and production designer Luciana Arrighi; illustrated 1975 audio interview with director John Schlesinger; new interview with writer William J. Man about the making of "Sunday Bloody Sunday"; new interview with photographer Michael Childers, Schlesinger's longtime partner; trailer; booklet featuring essays by film critic Terrence Rafferty and cultural historian Ian Buruma, as well as screenwriter Penelope Gilliatt's 1971 introduction to the film's screenplay. (The Criterion Collection).

    October 30
  • Alfred Hitchcock: The Masterpiece Collection

    The ultimate box set with 15 films including 13 never before on Blu-Ray, with more than 15 Hours of bonus features including a new documentary on "The Birds." Available for a limited time only. "Psycho" (previously on Blu-ray), "The Birds," "Vertigo," "Rear Window," "North by Northwest" (previously on Blu-raY, "The Man Who Knew Too Much," "Marnie," "Saboteur," "Shadow of a Doubt," "Rope," "The Trouble with Harry," "Torn Curtain," "Topaz," "Frenzy" and "Family Plot." Read the complete press release here. "And pre-order the set for $209.99 from Amazon.
  • Rosemary's Baby

    (1968) Terrifying and darkly comic, "Rosemary's Baby" marked the Hollywood debut of Roman Polanski. This wildly entertaining nightmare, faithfully adapted from Ira Levin's best seller, stars a revelatory Mia Farrow as a young mother-to-be who grows increasingly suspicious that her overfriendly elderly neighbors, played by Sidney Blackmer and an Oscar-winning Ruth Gordon, and self-involved husband (actor and filmmaker John Cassavetes) are hatching a satanic plot against her and her baby. In the decades of occult cinema Polanski's ungodly masterpiece has spawned, it's never been outdone for sheer psychological terror. New high-definition digital restoration, approved by director Roman Polanski, with uncompressed monaural soundtrack. Extras: New interviews with Polanski, actor Mia Farrow, and producer Robert Evans; "Komeda, Komeda," a feature-length documentary on the life and work of jazz musician and composer Krzysztof Komeda, who wrote the score for "Rosemary's Baby"; 1997 radio interview with author Ira Levin from Leonard Lopate's WNYC program "New York and Company" on the 1967 novel, the sequel, and the film; booklet featuring an essay by critic Ed Park and Levin's afterword for the 2003 New American Library edition of his novel, in which he discusses its and the film's origins. (The Criterion Collection).


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