"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini


Jul 252013

Warner Archive Collection Releases (2013)


Warner Archive Collection: Aug. 27

Warner Archive Collection: Aug. 20

Warner Archive Collection: Aug. 13

Warner Archive Collection: Aug. 6

Warner Archive Collection: July 30

Warner Archive Collection: July 23

Warner Archive Collection: July 16

Warner Archive Collection: July 9

Warner Archive Collection: July 2

Warner Archive Collection: June 25

Warner Archive Collection: June 18

Warner Archive Collection: June 11

Warner Archive Collection: June 4

Warner Archive Collection: May 28

Warner Archive Collection: May 21

Warner Archive Collection: May 14

Warner Archive Collection: May 7

Warner Archive Collection: April 30

Warner Archive Collection: April 23

Warner Archive Collection: April 16

Warner Archive Collection: April 9

Warner Archive Collection: April 2

Warner Archive Collection: Late March

Warner Archive Collection: Early March

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Jul 242013

Due July 9:

photo for the movie Admission Comedy about the unexpected detours we encounter on the road to happiness. Year in and year out, Princeton admissions officer Portia Nathan (Tina Fey) has lived her life by the book. But during her annual recruiting trip, she finds herself reconnecting with a former college classmate, free-spirited teacher John Pressman (Paul Rudd). As she bends the entrance rules for one of his very unconventional students, Portia puts at risk the future she thought she always wanted, and finds her way to a surprising and exhilarating life she never dreamed of having. Director: Paul Weitz. Stars: Tina Fey, Paul Rudd, Michael Sheen, Lily Tomlin, Gloria Reuben, Wallace Shawn. 2013, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 107 min., Comedy, Box office gross: $17.873 million, Universal. Available: 7/9. two stars goback


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Jul 232013

Due September 3:

photo from stories we tell In this inspired new film, Oscar-nominated actor-writer-director Sarah Polley discovers that the truth depends on who's telling it. Polley is both filmmaker and detective as she investigates the secrets kept by a family of storytellers. She playfully interviews and interrogates a cast of characters of varying reliability, eliciting refreshingly candid, yet mostly contradictory, answers to the same questions. As each relates their version of the family mythology, present-day recollections shift into nostalgia-tinged glimpses of their mother, who departed too soon, leaving a trail of unanswered questions. Polley unravels the paradoxes to reveal the essence of family: always complicated, warmly messy and fiercely loving. Stories We Tell explores the elusive nature of truth and memory, but at its core is a deeply personal film about how our narratives shape and define us as individuals and families, all interconnecting to paint a profound, funny and poignant picture of the larger human story. An official selection of the Sundance, Toronto, Venice and Telluride film festivals and winner of Best Documentary at the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards, "Stories We Tell" is at its core a deeply personal film about the nature of truth and memory, and how personal narratives shape and define both individuals and families. Vitals: Director: Sarah Polley. 2013, CC, MPAA rating: PG-13, 108 min., Documentary, Box office gross: $1.243 million, Lionsgate. 3 stars

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Jul 192013

On July 23, Music Box Films will release director Baran bo Odar's critically acclaimed "The Silence" (2010), a brooding mystery and psychological thriller about a young girl's disappearance on the anniversary of the unsolved rape and murder of a young girl 23 years earlier. As a new investigation is mounted, a small German town is ripped apart by guilt, grief and suspicion. Featuring spot-on performances, beautiful cinematography, and a captivating script, "The Silence" has an 87% Fresh rating including rave reviews by The photo for The Silence Washington Post, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly and more. We're giving away three DVD copies of the film; for a chance to win, answer the following question and send your answer to info@onvideo.org:
Who wrote the book upon which "The Silence" is based?


Three e-mail addresses will be chosen at random from those received; only correct answers sent to info@onvideo.org are eligible to win. Only winners will be notified and only one entry per email address.

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Jun 252013

Criterion Collection: September 2013
Criterion Collection: August 2013
Criterion Collection: July 2013
Criterion Collection: June 2013
Criterion Collection: May 2013
Criterion Collection: April 2013
Criterion Collection: March 2013
Criterion Collection: February 2013
Criterion Collection: January 2013
Criterion Collection: December 2012
Criterion Collection: November 2012
Criterion Collection: October 2012
Criterion Collection: September 2012
Criterion Collection: August 2012
Criterion Collection: July 2012
Criterion Collection: June 2012
Criterion Collection: May 2012
Criterion Collection: April 2012
Criterion Collection:March 2012
Criterion Collection: February 2012
Criterion Collection: January 2012

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