"The movie business is macabre. Grotesque.
It is a combination of a football game
and a brothel."
-- Federico Fellini


Oct 212020

Season’s Screamings and Happy Horror-days! Just in time for the most spooktackular time of the year, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment will have you on the edge of seats with an all-new original feature-length horror film – Toys of Terror – on Digital October 27, 2020 and on Blu-ray and DVD January 19, 2021. The movie is priced to own at $14.99 SRP for Digital, $24.98 SRP ($29.98 in Canada) for Blu-ray which includes a Digital Copy, $19.98 SRP ($24.98 in Canada) for the DVD.

David and Hannah Cashman have promised their family a fun Christmas getaway, but when they arrive at a grand, old house in the snowy woods of Washington and are greeted by familiar construction foreman, the kids realize their parent’s plan to make it a working vacation; renovating the place in the hopes of flipping it. Alicia, the eldest, is annoyed but the younger kids are soon distracted when, wandering through the creepy mansion, they find a stash of old toys in an abandoned playroom and take to them instantly. Before long, they seem to be inseparable from their new playthings, much to the consternation of their nanny Rose who, along with Alicia, senses that something in the house is not quite right. As stranger and stranger things start to happen, Rose and Alicia have a hunch that there may be more to the history of the old house than the Cashman’s are letting on. Can the family escape with their lives – or will they stay forever in the crumbling house, never to celebrate another Christmas again?

Bringing the nostalgia of stop motion holiday specials – Toys of Terror stars Kyana Teresa (“Shadowhunters,” “Star Trek: Discovery”) as Hannah Cashman, Georgia Waters (“Siren”) as Rose Mathis, Verity Marks (“The Christmas Club”) as Alicia Cashman, Dayo Ade (“Workin Moms,” “October Faction”) as David Cashman, Saul Elias as Franklin Cashman and Zoe Fish as Zoe Cashman. The film is written and executive produced by Dana Gould (“Stan Against Evil,” “The Simpsons”) and directed by Nicholas Verso (Boys in the Trees, “Nowhere Boys”). The movie is produced by Blue Ribbon Content in association with Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and SYFY. Toys of Terror will make its broadcast debut on SYFY this December.

  • Toys of Terror Come to Life
  • A Terrifying Weekend: Making of Toys of Terror

Digital Release: October 27, 2020
Blu-ray and DVD Release: January 19, 2021
Blu-ray and DVD Presented in 16×9 widescreen format
Running Time: Feature: Approx. 89 min
Enhanced Content: Approx. 14 min
Rated: R

Price: $19.98 SRP ($24.98 in Canada)
1 DVD-9s
Audio – English (5.1)
UPC# 883929707287 (US & Canada)
Catalog# 1000757408 (US & Canada)

Price: $24.98 SRP ($29.98 in Canada)
1 Blu-ray + Digital Copy
BD Audio –DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 – English
UPC# 883929707263 (US & Canada)
Catalog# 1000757406 (US & Canada)

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Oct 212020


Costas Mandylor (the SAW franchise) features in INCISION, releasing exclusively on Amazon October 27, 2020. The film will be released on iTunes/Google Play/VUDU on November 12, 2020.

Beauty Blogger Alexa Landry (Korrina Rico, “Ray Donovan”) only had one fear, plastic surgery. She ultimately had to face this fear when she was kidnapped with her friends by Dr. Cunningham (James Allen Brewer), a deranged plastic surgeon who is obsessed with beautifying his victims.

Lee Kholafai, Caylee Cowan, Kev Adams, Tristan Tales, James Allen Brewer, Jonathan McDaniel, Olga Safari, Marik Knight, John Wallbank, Elaine Partnow, Hailee Lautenbach, Olivia Day, Madison Bontempo, Kyler Fisher, Josefin Nilsson, Amanda Paris, Courtney Paige, Kristen Solis, Gary Daniel Mosher, Malia Maquera, & Tohi co-star in a film directed by Az and written by Chris Kato.

INCISION will be available on Amazon October 27 and iTunes/Google Play/Vudu November 12, 2020.

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Oct 212020

Michael Pare (Eddie & The Cruisers, The Virgin Suicides) and Eileen Davidson (“The Young & The Restless”) star in a joyous Christmas treat, Middleton Christmas.

Vivacious high school senior Samantha finds herself attracted to Max, the quiet new kid at her prestigious private school, Middleton Prep. The trouble is: Sam already has a boyfriend, basketball star Lucas. While Sam wrestles with her feelings about both guys, her mother, school dean Alana, recruits Max and his father Johnny, the new maintenance man, to help out with a Christmas fundraiser that could save the school from being closed. But when Sam’s life is threatened in a serious car accident, Alana and Johnny grow closer, even as Max and Lucas both realize how much they each care for her, culminating in a decision that will change their lives forever. With Christmas approaching, everyone in Middleton must question their values about sacrifice, family, and love — and learn what it means to just be thankful for another Christmas.

Kennedy Turner, Michael Varde, and Trevor Stines also star in Middleton Christmas,  directed by Dale Fabrigar and written by Tricia Aurand.

Available November 3 on DVD and Digital from Uncork’d Entertainment and Suzanne DeLaurentiis Productions .


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Oct 192020

Sleepless Beauty

Directed by: Pavel Khvaleev

Starring: Polina Davydova

SLEEPLESS BEAUTY tells a twisted story about a young woman, Mila, who is kidnapped by a mysterious organization known as Recreation. Her unknown abductors talk to her through a loudspeaker and set strict rules: she cannot sleep and has to fulfill bizarre and violent tasks if she hopes to stay alive. At first, it looks like someone’s sick idea of entertainment but as the demands become more intense, Mila begins to realize that she is losing control of her own mind and instead, may be a pawn in a twisted and deadly psychological experiment.

SLEEPLESS BEAUTY made its world premiere at the 2020 Imagine Film Festival and was an official selection for the 2020 Sitges Film Festival, 2020 Dead Of Night Film Festival, and 2020 Obscura Berlin Film Festival. SLEEPLESS BEAUTY will be available on VOD + Digital platforms beginning Tuesday, November 10, 2020 and will be available on Blu-ray beginning Tuesday, November 17, 2020.

RT: 84min | Not Yet Rated

Genre: Horror

SLEEPLESS BEAUTY is directed by Pavel Khvaleev. Written by Aleksandra Khvaleeva. Produced by Frank Ellrich, Georgiy Smirnov and Elena Talyanksaya. Cinematography and edited by Khvaleev. A Monomania Films Production.

SLEEPLESS BEAUTY available on VOD/Digital Tuesday, November 10, 2020:

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Oct 192020

POSSESSOR is at its best when viscerally peeling a soul out of its body.” ~ INDIEWIRE

 “Brandon Cronenberg’s ultra-violent thriller is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before … Bathed in blood and gore and unrelentingly aggressive.” ~ /FILM

 “With POSSESSOR, Brandon Cronenberg grabs the body-horror baton from his father, Videodrome director David Cronenberg, and rams it into the audience’s collective eye.” ~ POLYGON




The Groundbreaking Sci-Fi Thriller Home Debuts Early on Digital November 3,

or Own it on 4K Ultra Blu-ray Combo Pack and Blu-ray December 8


Bonus Content Includes Deleted Scenes & Behind-the-Scenes Footage


Director Brandon Cronenberg (Antiviral) creates “a film about extinguishing humanity and embracing savagery” (/Film) with POSSESSOR UNCUT, on Digital November 3 and 4K Ultra Blu-ray Combo Pack and Blu-ray December 8 from Well Go USA Entertainment. Certified “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes, the groundbreaking sci-fi thriller follows an elite assassin who uses brain-implant technology to possess civilians, inhabit their bodies, and force them to commit assassinations for high-paying clients.  But when the tables turn while on assignment, she is suddenly trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her. POSSESSOR UNCUT stars Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, Oblivion), Christopher Abbott (Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, “Catch-22”) and Academy Award® nominee Jennifer Jason Leigh (Best Supporting Actress, The Hateful Eight, 2015). Bonus material includes deleted scenes and behind-the-scenes footage.


From the visionary mind of writer/director Brandon Cronenberg, POSSESSOR UNCUT is an arresting sci-fi thriller about elite corporate assassin Tasya Vos. Using brain-implant technology, Vos takes control of other people’s bodies to execute high-profile targets. As she sinks deeper into her latest assignment, Vos becomes trapped inside a mind that threatens to obliterate her.


POSSESSOR UNCUT has a runtime of approximately 104 minutes.


Blu-ray 4K Ultra Blu-ray Combo Pack
Catalog #: WGU03232D Catalog #: WGU03234B
UPC Code: 810348032324 UPC Code: 810348032348
Pre-Order Date: 11/3/20 Pre-Order Date: 11/3/20
SLP: $29.98 SLP: $34.98
Audio: DTS HDMA 5.1 / 2.0 Stereo Audio: DTS-HDMA 5.1  /  Stereo   (4K HDR10)

Audio: DTS-HDMA 5.1 /  Stereo   (2K)


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Oct 192020


There’s something waiting in the mountains this November.

The Wendigo takes to New York in Uncork’d Entertainment’s The Retreat!

From director Bruce Wemple (Monstrous), and starring Grant Schumacher, The Retreat will be available on DVD and Digital November 10.

Set in the Adirondack High Peaks of Upstate New York, two best friends. Gus and Adam, set out for a winter backpacking trip. After a horrifying encounter with a monster, Gus finds himself alone and lost. Now, he must now fight for his life while keeping his grip on reality as he’s tormented both physically and psychologically by the evil Native American legend, The Wendigo.

Dylan Grunn, Rick Montgomery Jr., Chris Cimperman, and Ariella Mastoianni also star in the film.

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Oct 192020


From filmmaker Darcy Weir, and featuring frighteningly true encounters with Bigfoot, Sasquatch Among the Wildmen coming this November from Uncork’d Entertainment.

Throughout history, ape-like humanoids have appeared in myths and legends of cultures from around the world. The best known wildmen that people still say they see roaming the wilds of North America are known as Sasquatch or Bigfoot. Discover the history of relic hominids (The Russian Almasty, the Chinese The Yeren, the Himalaya’s The Yeti and more) from around the world. Featuring Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, Derek Randles, Shane Corson, David Ellis, Darcy Weir, and Lee Lustig.

Sasquatch Among the Wildmen, available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Xbox, Vudu, Fandango Now, Direct TV, Dish Network, Comcast/Xfinity, Spectrum, Cox, Verizon Fios and through local cable providers on November 10.

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Oct 192020

Award-winning Australian drama ACUTE MISFORTUNE,adapted from Erik Jensen’s award-winning biography of Adam Cullen, releases on digital November 3 from Dark Star Pictures.

The film, starring Daniel Henshall and Toby Wallace, is the story of the biographer and his subject, as it descends into a dependent and abusive relationship.

Erik Jensen was an ambitious 19 year-old journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald when Archibald Prize-Winning painter, Adam Cullen, with a career retrospective at the Art Gallery of NSW, invited him to write his biography. This is the story of the four-and-a-half years leading to Cullen’s death at the age of 46. It is the story of their increasingly claustrophobic relationship.

Based on Erik Jensen’s award-winning biography of Adam Cullen, ACUTE MISFORTUNE is the story of the biographer and his subject. It is one of the most acclaimed Australian films of the year, revealing an iconic artist and lauded author in unsparing detail.

ACUTE MISFORTUNE is a film about theft and the commerce of theft, the instability of lies and of coming through an abusive relationship to find meaning in its wake.

These are true events, told almost entirely in real dialogue. Featuring AACTA Best Actor Winner, Daniel Henshall (Snowtown, The Babadook), and Toby Wallace (Romper Stomper, The Turning) the debut feature of Thomas M. Wright (Sweet Country, Top of the Lake) is a meticulously researched film that was named one of the best films of the year in The Monthly Awards and by Screen Daily and received The Age Critics Prize at Melbourne International Film Festival.

Director: Thomas M. Wright
Cast: Daniel Henshall, Toby Wallac











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Oct 192020


Get Funimation’s Exclusive 25th Anniversary Silver Chrome All Might Funko POP! with Purchase in the Funimation Shop

Funimation is releasing My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising movie bundle that includes the Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital download including SUB and DUB is available October 27 in the Funimation Shop and select retailers. Released in theaters earlier this year, My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising delighted audiences and earned over $13 million at the box office making it the #8 highest-grossing anime films of all time in the U.S. Now fans can own the hit film!

Head over to Funimation’s shop to get the movie PLUS a 25th Anniversary Silver Chrome All Might Funko POP! with purchase. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to add the film and the Funko POP! to your collection.

The number one hero anime is back for a battle beyond anything fans have ever seen! Class 1-A visits Nabu Island where they finally get to do some real hero work. The place is so peaceful that it’s more like a vacation … until they’re attacked by a villain with an unfathomable Quirk! His power is eerily familiar, and it looks like Shigaraki had a hand in the plan. But with All Might retired and citizens’ lives on the line, there’s no time for questions. Deku and his friends are the next generation of heroes, and they’re the island’s only hope.

Director Kenji Nagasaki
Script Yosuke Kuroda
Music Yuki Hayashi
Original Creator Kōhei Horikoshi
Character Designer Yoshihiko Umakoshi

Voice Actors
Katsuki Bakugo
Japanese: Nobuhiko Okamoto
English: Clifford Chapin

Izuku Midoriya
Japanese: Daiki Yamashita
English: Justin Briner

All Might
Japanese: Kenta Miyake
English: Christopher Sabat

Japanese: Tomoyo Kurosawa
English: Dani Chambers

Japanese: Yuka Terasaki
English: Maxey Whitehead

Japanese: Yuichi Nakamura
English: Zeno Robinson

Japanese: Mio Imada
English: Lydia Mackay

Japanese: Shunsuke Takeuchi
English: Greg Dulcie

Japanese: Kohsuke Toriumi
English: Brendan Blaber

Japanese: Yoshio Inoue
English: Johnny Yong Bosch

Run time: 104 minutes
Rating: PG-13

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Oct 192020


19-year-old Mirjam is a champion disco freestyle dancer and the stepdaughter of a charismatic evangelical pastor. As she starts to question her family and faith, she is lured by a highly conservative Christian sect.
Thriller | 94 Minutes | In Norwegian with English Subtitles


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